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“The things I find most helpful about having a CIPHR Service Pack are the unlimited training for me and my colleagues and the access it gives us to the consultancy time, to make sure we’re getting the most out of CIPHR.”
Samantha Borrajeiro, HR Manager – Statpro

CIPHR Service Packs: Tell Me More!

CIPHR Service Packs (CSP) consist of the most frequently requested services, grouped together at a discounted package price.

The packs enable customers to benefit from unlimited training, priority booking, online refresher training and they are able to instantly extend their HR team with the CIPHR Outsourcing service.

Delivering a Superior Service to your Organisation

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Unlimited training on all standard products!

  • Unlimited Training – Full Course list available upon request
  • Priority Course Booking and Waiting List
  • Electronic copies of Training Material for Courses attended
  • Personalised Online Refresher Training – Additional one to one training that focuses on identified features and functions that need further information and understanding

Explore Key CIPHR Topics with Online Master Classes

Online Master Classes are available to clients who have one of the CIPHR Service Packs, and are delivered by a skilled member of the Training team being designed to reinforce our classroom based training. Delegates who have already attended training but would like a refresher, some further assistance or information on specific topics can benefit from the expert knowledge and guidance of one of our training team.

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Experience incredible results with CIPHR Outsourcing

We recruit only experienced HR professionals for our consultant roles, and invest heavily in training all our Service Desk and Training delivery specialists. Top this off with an intimate knowledge of the capabilities of our solutions and you’ll realise we have a combination which is hard to find and recruit for yourselves. How can we help?

  • Adoption of data maintenance tasks
  • Management Information generation and reporting
  • Scheduled tasks and systems housekeeping activity

Annual Review of your HR Systems and Processes

Onsite consultancy to discuss:

  • Where your HR system “fits” in the overall HR strategy
  • KPIs set and how they are measured
  • How well prepared the HR team is to make the best use of processes and the CIPHR systems
  • All current HR business processes

CIPHR Net Branding

Branding CIPHR Net with your corporate look and feel helps with user adoption of the system and makes the system feel more familiar for the employee.