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Communications, Media & CIPHR

By reducing turnover through efficient manpower planning and visible HR policies, CIPHR allows you to manage and provide crucial HR information to key stakeholders within your organisation. CIPHR also supports robust MI reporting, timesheet data capture and administration and support of pay rates.

CIPHR assisted A+E Networks, S4C and Lebara with implementing their CIPHR systems and supported them throughout the process.

“The system demonstration was a great help in making our decision. CIPHR is simple to use, really intuitive and user-friendly. Its external facing employee and manager sections are attractive, yet very simple and easy to use. All stakeholders in the project saw the product demonstration and presentation and they all bought into the system from the start.” – A+E Networks

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“This is the second time I have sourced CIPHR for an organisation. I find the software easy to use and its capabilities are exactly what we need.” – S4C

How CIPHR helps our Communications & Media customers

MI Reporting

Create standard and configurable reports which can be exported to provide for more reliable and accurate data, allowing clear interpretation and simple deployment. Access the reporting tool from a number of sources including payroll, attendance and finance databases to see trends in your data, whilst interactive graphs for data analysis can be created.

“Now we have CIPHR in place I’m very happy and it’s the right system for us. I’m being asked for reports that I used to have to do manually but now I can pull together really easily.” – A+E Networks

“CIPHR Decisions lets me drill down into our people data to run really interesting reports. We have found ways to save time, reduce paper requirements, lower general and administrative costs and increase team efficiency. From a system management perspective, it is easy to update codes and write reports.” – Lebara

Control seasonal demand and turnover of staff by recruiting the right candidates and managing Onboarding

Manage fluctuations in seasonal staff numbers by talent pooling employees to rehire when demand is high. All statements can be published and reports can be created to identify gaps in employment, whilst information is retained on unsuccessful employees. Our online application forms allow all relevant checks and references to be carried out. After recruitment, performance appraisals can be arranged by managers using automated reminders, to aid employee retention.

“It’s so easy to put employees in and the onboarding is working really well. My team loves it too because it is so straight forward and simple but it does a whole array of complex and clever things in the background.” – A+E Networks

Work with our consultants to create your HR action plan

One of our consultants worked with A+E Networks and S4C to implement their CIPHR system to ensure a smooth and positive experience throughout.

“We worked together incredibly well and we enjoyed ourselves. Her knowledge of the system was brilliant. The speed with which she understood us and our company was excellent and she had a natural way of explaining things, helping us to understand, keeping it simple but not patronising. The support we have received from start to finish has been great and I’ve already recommended it to other people in HR roles.” – A+E Networks

“My consultant was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. We feel very lucky to have had such a fantastic Consultant helping us with this project. The Service Desk staff were very patient with us while we were setting up CIPHR, and we are extremely grateful to them for their ongoing support.” – S4C

“CIPHR proved to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly so I was able to teach myself how to use it.” – Lebara