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Estate Agents & CIPHR

With over 30 years’ experience working closely with Estate Agents, CIPHR recognises the importance of automated HR processes to save time and eliminate paperwork, with easily manageable recruitment, training and manageable expenses on one system, accessible through the cloud.

The CIPHR SaaS solution provides highly visible employee data, securely accessible from a range of devices, anywhere at any time. Our success is founded on the trusting relationships we have with our growing customer base and the broad functionality of our flexible software.

“The system is established and it has been well received by our users. I even get emails from them saying “I love CIPHR”. You can’t get any better than that!”

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How CIPHR helps our Estate Agency customers

Recruit the appropriate candidates using one streamlined system

Online Application forms can facilitate and streamline the necessary questions, checks and reference sections needed, individually tailored for all positions, whilst previous and unsuccessful candidate data can be retained. All required statements and disclosures can be published to ensure candidate acceptance and acknowledgement. Use easy to read reports to identify discrepancies and gaps in employment histories.

“Although we’ve spent the same amount on recruitment, we have recruited a lot more people. Had we been doing it the way we were before, where 90% of our recruitment was done through agencies, our spend would have been about 70% higher than it is today. So, overall and in real terms, the cost of our recruitment has significantly reduced through implementing CIPHR iRecruit.”

Monitor training and role requirements

All training and role information can be stored within one system to ensure that you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the necessary training. Reminders for all types of training can be automated to ensure the necessary requirements are met. Our reports allow you to view development activity and qualifications in a straightforward format.

“The product is very good, particularly the new reporting function and this saves us lots of time and enables us to provide managers in the business with meaningful data.”

Manage your expenses effectively

Manage staff expenses incurred by all payment types, including cash, credit cards and corporate fuel cards with easily visible reports which provide information on pending expense claims, policy breaches, overspend and expenditures. Track expenses incurred anywhere in the world which can be submitted in local currency and repaid in your home currency.

  • Full exchange rate capability is provided to enable expenses incurred anywhere in the world to be submitted in local currency and repaid in your home currency
  • Excellent visibility of activities including the ability to analyse where resources are used, track time spent travelling or on projects and record time-based activities
  • Centralised data storage with no onsite product installation necessary

“We now have a much greater insight into outstanding expenses at any given point in time – including those not yet approved for payment. Being able to see what is outstanding means that we are able to plan much better and we can manage our expenses with greater certainty. It is simple to set up for new users and takes away a huge burden of time from the finance department. We now have more accurate, streamlined processes, with quick and easy access to comprehensive reports, and we have freed up time from administering the process so that we can concentrate on other business matters.”