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With over 30 years’ experience delivering HR solutions to the Finance sector, we’re able to recognise and tackle the key HR issues that they face, including the importance of reducing the administrative burden by managing expenses effectively, outsourcing time consuming HR tasks and streamlining recruitment processes.

Cambridge Building Society moved into the CIPHR SaaS environment, deciding that it had become crucial for their system to be accessible 24/7, from anywhere. Their system is now supported and updated by CIPHR, taking away the burden from their internal IT staff.

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Manage your expenses effectively

Automate expense administration and processing through Expense on Demand.

As their organisation began to grow, Sanlam understood the need for a system which could be tailored to meet specific company needs and eliminate the need for paper-based expenses.

“Already, we are seeing the benefits of CIPHR Notifications – it saves us huge chunks of time usually spent chasing up managers and other college staff and it provides a more streamlined and standardised communications platform for the college” - Sanlam

Read more about Sanlam's experience with Expense On Demand


Reduce time and free up resource by outsourcing administrative tasks

Outsource time consuming administrative tasks, including management information generation and reporting, scheduled tasks and housekeeping activity and adoption of data maintenance tasks.

"The entire HR team are very happy people right now, I can’t tell you how much difference it has made to our daily workload." - Cash Genie


Recruit superior candidates

Achieve full visibility of the recruitment process through online application forms which streamline necessary checks, references and questions to ensure that the appropriate candidates are employed.

Our easy to read report applications allow you to identify discrepancies and gaps in employment, whilst all statements and disclosures can be published to enforce candidate acceptance. Once you have employed the appropriate candidates, managers can monitor the performance of all employees with performance appraisals to highlight training requirements.


Effectively track skills, qualifications and competencies

All training and role information can be stored within one system to ensure that you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the necessary training. Reminders for all types of training can be automated to ensure the necessary requirements are met. Our reports allow you to view development activity and qualifications in a straightforward format.

  • Managers can view subordinate’s CPD, qualifications and organise appraisals
  • Store all training and role requirements to ensure you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the required training
  • Automate training and accreditation reminders to HR and management
  • Report quickly and easily against development activity and qualifications to ensure compliance with statutory obligations

"We love the way you guys respond with speed and accuracy to our issues, always very efficient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable." - Aetna Global Benefits (Europe) Ltd


Excellent support and services

We provide a full range of support services to our customers, including consultancy, training sessions, dedicated Account Managers and our Service Desk. CIPHR's support is designed to help you with planning HR strategies, gaining a full understanding of your system's functionality and efficiently answering and assisting you with any enquiries you may have.

"We had faith in the system and faith in the people supporting us through the transition. They consultancy support we received was fantastic and helped to give us confidence at every stage of the project." - Toyota Financial Services

"The things I find most helpful about having a Service Pack are the unlimited training for me and my colleagues and the access it gives us to the consultancy time to make sure we're getting the most out of CIPHR." - Statpro


Integration of payroll

CIPHR Paylink integrates data between HR and payroll functions and is individually configured on installation to meet the individual needs of our customers. With the ability to handle multiple payrolls and payroll types on the same system inconsistencies are eliminated whilst providing a simple audit trail of data changes for greater visibility.

"Our users embraced the product and the concept of employee self-service - the launch was enormously successful." - Primary General