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Education & CIPHR

The CIPHR solution provides integration of student records and timetables, diverse work patterns and online policy and procedure publication for staff review and acceptance through one manageable system. Take a look at the range of schools, colleges and universities that benefit from the CIPHR system.


North East Surrey College of Technology (Nescot) wanted to make sure they were utilising the full functionality of their CIPHR system and focussed on streamlining recruitment, automating processes through notifications and integrating payroll.

For a relatively small team, Nescot has a fairly significant level of recruitment – between 100 and 150 jobs to fill each year. Learn more about how Nescot automated key processes and reduced staff costs by £60,000 per year.

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How CIPHR has helped our Education customers


Automated processes and notifications

Reduce time consuming administrative tasks by automating reminders and notifications, including returns to work, starter and leaver notifications, appraisal reminders and end of probation periods. “Already, we are seeing the benefits of CIPHR Notifications – it saves us huge chunks of time usually spent chasing up managers and other college staff and it provides a more streamlined and standardised communications platform for the college”
– Nescot


Recruiting the appropriate candidates in the safest way

Achieve full visibility of the recruitment process through online application forms which streamline necessary checks, references and questions to ensure that the appropriate candidates are employed. Our easy to read report applications allow you to identify discrepancies and gaps in employment, whilst all statements and disclosures can be published to enforce candidate acceptance.

“I liked the look and feel of the product. It is user friendly and has lots of great features and functions. Now we can cope much better with the high volume of recruitment we have. It takes a matter of minutes to put a job onto our website whereas our old process would have taken a few weeks to get an ad out. It is brilliant how quick it is and this has been recognised and appreciated by our managers. ”
– Nescot


Keep track of training and role requirements

All training and role information can be stored within one system to ensure that you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the necessary training. Reminders for all types of training can be automated to ensure the necessary requirements are met. Our reports allow you to view development activity and qualifications in a straightforward format to ensure compliance with statutory obligations and duty of care.


Integration of payroll

CIPHR Paylink integrates data between HR and Payroll functions and is individually configured on installation to meet the individual needs of our customers. With the ability to handle multiple payrolls and payroll types on the same system inconsistencies are eliminated whilst providing a simple audit trail of data changes for greater visibility.

“Mail merge facilities are excellent for payroll papers and online holiday booking on CIPHR Net have proved very useful”
– Macclesfield College

“Having Paylink takes away many of the issues where data accuracy and consistency is concerned. Although the payroll team is a little reticent to change and took some convincing of the move to the Paylink, the benefits are clear and now we are using a single source of data for both systems”
- Nescot

“The roll out of CIPHR Net will really revolutionise the way we work. Initially we’ll be enabling employees and managers to access such areas as personal data, holidays and absence and then over time will continue to provide access to more information. Managers will be able to plan holidays and holiday cover more effectively and will be using CIPHR Net to carry out online reviews for their teams.”
– South and City College Birmingham