10 Little Ways To Get What You Want From Your Career


Career development


Do you work tirelessly and never seem to be happy with what you’ve achieved? Well, below we’ve listed 10 little ways to get what you want from your career.

1) Treat everyone like a friend

10-Little-Ways-To-Get-What-You-Want-From-Your-CareerBeing nice and treating everyone you meet with respect and courtesy is an easy way to get what you want from life. The more people that respect you the more contacts you have that can help you with your career and network.
Contacts in different industries open new doors and avenues for you to explore and benefit from. They’re additional endorsers of you and the work you do and they’re also mentors in the many industries and specialities which they practice in.

You can never have too many (real) contacts.

2) Listen to everyone

Everyone deserves a chance to speak and you should listen to everyone’s opinion or ideas. Discounting someone before hearing them out could be detrimental to you, the work that you’re doing and the professional relationships you have.
Allowing everyone the chance to speak in meetings or even an everyday conversation in the office will improve creativity, collaboration and colleague morale and is likely to produce the answers your looking for.

3) Never pre judge

Pre judging people is the easiest way to waste opportunities that potential contacts can offer. Making your own mind up about people, rather than listening to gossip or other people’s personal opinion, allows you to get a full impression and not just the particular points that have been passed on by your colleagues.

4) Learn to promote yourself

One of the hardest things to get comfortable with (for a lot of people) is promoting yourself and shouting about what you’re really good at. It’s great that others promote you and your work but they’re not always around to sing your praises. You need to be able to confidently tell others why you’re the right person for a particular job and the best option.

5) Tell the truth

Sounds obvious but in certain situations it may seem easier, in the short term at least, to bend the truth to suit you. Admitting mistakes and being honest in your opinions is the best policy. People respect honesty and you’re less likely to get caught out over some untruth you told to make things a bit easier at the time.

6) Be happy in what you do or change what you do

If you’re not happy with what you’re doing then you won’t give it 100%. If this is the case then change what it is you do so you can give your full effort and start to excel. Simple.

7) Accept advice

Be accepting and gracious of constructive advice, people offer it to help you. Contacts have different skills, experience and expertise to you, learning from them is a great method of self improvement.

8) Don’t forget to live

10-Little-Ways-To-Get-What-You-Want-From-Your-CareerNever forget you work to live, you don’t live to work. If you enjoy life in general you’ll be happy and successful in the things you do personally and professionally.

There are many ways that you can balance your professional and personal life, familiarising yourself with these methods is well worth the time and will benefit you and everyone you work with.


9) Don’t burn bridges

It’s very easy to vent your frustration at an organisation or person that you feel you’ll never have anything to do with again, but you don’t really know this for sure so be careful and think. It’s much safer and more professional to always leave one part of your life in the most productive and amicable way possible.

10) Research your field and become an expert

Learning your craft or industry and becoming and expert in your field will most certainly advance your career. If you love what you do then you’ll naturally read about and interact with people that are knowledgeable about your profession or trade.

Use the internet to join and interact in communities of like-minded professionals. Sharing advice and offering your opinions will build your knowledge and increase your network.