10 Ways To Reduce Stress That Everyone Can Try

10 Ways To Reduce Stress That Everyone Can Try


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Everyone gets stressed at work. Whether this is just from time to time, when things become a little too much, or the constant stresses of a high demand position. Fortunately there are some simple techniques that everyone can practice which will help calm things down and make you feel better within yourself.

#1 Smile

It has been found in controlled studies that smiling increases the ‘recovery’ time from stressful situation when compared to not smiling. Smiling is known to slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and even reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Smiling also has an effect on those around you therefore creating a happier environment and further reducing the effects of stress.

#2 Get the horrible tasks out of the way

By prioritising the tasks that you’re looking forward to the least you can complete these first and look forward to the rest of the day. No one likes the feeling of something that they don’t want to do hanging over them, but we all like the feeling once that task is over with!

#3 Immerse yourself in music

Listening to calming music is a great way to relax and reduce anxiety. Music is used to relax hospital patients before an operation, relieve depression and even reduce emotional distress among nursing students. Music can draw your attention away from the immediate stresses of everyday work life and this, in turn, reduces the heart rate and relaxes the body.

#4 Get back to nature (sort of)

Something a simple as taking 5 minutes to go outside for a walk is a great way to relax. It doesn’t have to be an idyllic country meadow, the simple change of scenery by stepping outside of the office is enough to let you relax and take a breath of ‘fresh air’.

#5 Become more active

Exercise is known to reduce stress, as well as the obvious physical benefits. Having an exercise routine, whether this be in the gym or partaking in sport, allows you to concentrate on something other than the stresses of work. While competing in a game of football it is highly unlikely that you will be thinking of work, it’s all about the game at hand. Exercising also increases the bodies production of endorphins which make you feel good!

#6 Have a chat

Just talking through your troubles with a trusted colleague, friend or family member may well be enough to alleviate your concerns or reasons to be stressed. As the saying goes “a trouble shared is a trouble halved’ and this is quite true.

#7 Get real

Try to take a step back from the situation that is causing you stress. Think about 1 year from now and whether what you are stressed about will seem a big deal then. If it is something that you feel will seem a big deal then address it sooner rather than later, you’ll feel immediately relieved once it’s resolved.

#8 Help someone out

Helping or mentoring others is also known to reduce stress. The great thing about assisting others is that they are then far more likely to help you out and make your life easier!

#9 Arrange something to look forward to

Having a trip of outing to look forward to is an effective way to get you through difficult times at work. Life always seems a little easier when you can say “it’s only x days until we….”.

#10 Get creative

By taking up a creative pastime you can reduce stress and concentrate on something totally different. Writing, pottery, painting and photography are all hobbies that will capture your imagination and help you to forget about everything other than your next creation.