22 June 2021

Five fun ways you can improve teamwork

Work relationships are crucial to employees’ happiness at work, but what can you do if you’re struggling to bring employees together? Here are five fun ways to build a strong team


Maryam Munir

Maryam Munir

Maryam Munir worked as a content marketing writer at Ciphr from 2019 to 2021.


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Work relationships are crucial to employees’ happiness at work, but what can you do if you’re struggling to bring employees together? Here are five fun ways to build a strong team

How can you keep your employees happy at work? A pay rise or flexible working arrangements are just two of many ways that organisations can keep employees satisfied at work, but one area that more organisations need to focus on is teamwork. The bond that an employee has with colleagues is crucial to happiness at work, and happier employees do a better job – a study of BT workers found that happy employees not only worked faster, making more calls per hour, but also achieved 13% higher sales than their unhappy colleagues. The bond employees have with each other can determine how happy they feel at work, so how can HR help create strong team relationships?

Instead of putting employees in a room and making them carry out traditional team-building exercises, you should try to introduce fun ways for employees to bond with each other and to build up teamwork. Here we share some of the exciting ways you can help bring employees together and build a strong team.

1. Team lunch or dinner

Sitting down, eating good food and talking to each other is something many of us enjoy. By getting line managers to arrange a team lunch or dinner, HR can help ensure that employees are socialising and bonding with each other outside of the office environment.

Colleagues and new starters may feel more comfortable to share more about themselves in a relaxed environment and can get to know more personal things about each other/find out what they have in common etc.

2. The egg-drop activity

How can you improve communication within teams? Answer – carry out the egg drop activity.

Some people may have taken part in this activity during school, but for those who are unaware, this activity involves employees being divided into teams, with each team having to build an egg package to save an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height. The process of creating an egg package can push employees to get creative and problem-solve together.

With this activity, employees have to listen and talk to each other and work together to succeed. After carrying out the egg-drop, employees will become aware of whether or not they’re working well as a team – if not, they can focus on the areas they need to improve on.

3. Paintballing or go-karting

Going out and doing fun, adventurous team-building activities can keep many employees happy and satisfied.

Arranging a day out to do paintballing or go-karting encourages employees to simply have fun and enjoy themselves while also bonding as friends and colleagues. However, make sure you listen to employees and ask them beforehand if paintballing or go-karting is something they want to do, especially if employees are nervous about being around others as a result of the pandemic. If they want to do something else, take that into consideration.

4. Escape rooms

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular today and involve players having to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

To succeed in an escape room, teams have to be able to communicate and work well together. By doing an escape room, employees can feel a sense of accomplishment and can start to focus on communicating and following instructions and advice from each other.

With any group activities today, however, make sure you abide by all social distancing/pandemic rules.

5. Sports

5-aside football, netball or any other sports can help improve teamwork. Employees can improve their health and get out of the office environment while also working together to achieve a goal.

Playing sports together may bring out employees’ competitive sides but it can also push employees to work together in the long term to become a top team and to have fun together.

However, like always, don’t forget to ask employees if they want to play sports. If they do, find out which sport is the most popular and go from there.


From sports to team dinners, there are many other fun ways you can help improve teamwork within your organisation, but step one should always be to ask employees what they want to do to improve teamwork, and what their definition of fun looks like.

Don’t rely on sports alone to bring employees together. Introduce several fun ways to bring teams together if it means that each employee is doing what they like to be doing, and not being pushed into it. If hybrid working exists in your organisation, don’t forget to ask employees if they are comfortable with coming out and meeting up, or suggest a team activity closer to where some employees live in order to make it hassle-free.

By improving teamwork, organisations can then see employees feeling happier and satisfied at work, leading to greater engagement and a sense of belonging as a result.