7 January 2021

Five top employee engagement tools for 2021

2020 shook up the workplace, resulting in a shift to remote working and a reassessment of workplace culture – we showcase five top employee engagement tools to dial up your employee engagement in 2021


Bogdan Tiganov

Bogdan Tiganov

Bogdan Tiganov was head of content at Ciphr from October 2020 to September 2021.


Employee engagement Technology


2020 shook up the workplace, resulting in a shift to remote working and a reassessment of workplace culture – we showcase five top employee engagement tools to dial up your employee engagement in 2021

The events of 2020 provided numerous challenges to working practices, from a question mark over the role of the office to trusting employees to work from home. With many predicting a mental health crisis in 2021, there’s never been a more important time for HR to engage employees.

Employee engagement tools go hand in hand with engagement strategies, enabling HR and managers to stay on the pulse of employee morale and progress. They go some way to building, or rebuilding, company culture, and show that you are being proactive, prioritising employee engagement.

We highlight five top employee engagement tools:


Totem poles form the foundation of how Totem view culture. The idea of sharing stories to create culture is one that goes back thousands of years, but it’s never been more important than today.

Totem calls its platform a digital culture platform, and they focus on measuring workplace culture from anywhere, with a particular focus on remote working. They enable HR to run surveys and polls to receive regular feedback.

Their solutions are aimed at both leaders and teams. Leaders can measure results with the machine learning-powered analytics, while teams can chat and share stories, with a design that is instantly familiar to its consumer counterparts, as well as reward one another with kudos. It’s a very intuitive experience.


  • Caters to different roles
  • Bespoke design
  • Native mobile build, ideal for remote use
  • Familiar social UX

The People Experience Hub (PxHub)

It can be difficult to make real changes to affect employee engagement, without the ability to dig into the figures. The People Experience Hub (or PxHub) gives you access to different surveys to suit your requirements. Choose from a host of different survey types, including annual or pulse surveys. Alternatively, target stages in the employee journey, including new starter and exit surveys.

HR and managers can start engaging their people quickly with access to a question bank and templates, or you can create your own custom surveys.

Crucially for our times, PxHub offers wellbeing surveys. These aim to understand psychological, physical, financial, and social wellbeing, for a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.


  • A selection of modules, such as the exit interview module
  • Four pillared wellbeing model
  • Engage employees regularly with pulse surveys
  • Track the entire employee lifecycle


Peakon calls its platform an employee success platform. This includes solutions such as Peakon Engage, which uses Natural Language Processing to go further and understand employee sentiment. Peakon claims that it uses an ‘Intelligent Listening’ technology to surface the truth with two-way conversations. This means that surveys are seen by the right people at the right time, allowing leaders to build an accurate and up to date picture of engagement.

Every employee can access Peakon’s personalised dashboards and spot any changes or focus on hotspots.

Impressively, Peakon enables you to create a link between employee engagement and business KPIs, meaning that engagement becomes concrete, valuable, and trackable. This enables HR to prove the value of increasing employee engagement to stakeholders.


  • Employs Natural Language Processing
  • Personalised engagement dashboards
  • Provides contextual learning
  • Empowers leaders to benchmark success


Lattice’s offering is called a people management platform. Lattice enables HR to run engagement surveys and build a people-first culture. Lattice talks about linking performance management with employee engagement and employee development, for a unified approach.

Their surveys enable HR and managers to benchmark engagement. You can start to dig deeper and identity any departments or teams that may be struggling — especially important during challenging times. They offer a question bank with over 10 themes, from diversity to inclusion. These templates are built by academics and practitioners.

Lattice’s engagement software integrates with their performance management, to give you an insight into what makes top performers tick. It’s a way to connect performance to engagement and show the value of your employee engagement strategy.


  • Remote people management tools
  • Question bank with diverse themes
  • Access to comprehensive people analytics
  • Integrated to people management tools

Culture Amp

Culture Amp offers several solutions, one of which is its employee engagement software. You are given access to a library of research-backed surveys, including pulse and deep-dive surveys which can be tailored to suit requirements. They come complete with up-to-date questions on employee wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion.

HR and managers can measure the effectiveness of their engagement strategies with access to analytics and heatmaps. This means that you can benchmark performance against similar organisations, powered by real-world company data, and continually track your progress.

An interesting feature is the ability to create action plans, which empower employees to collaborate on initiatives and build plans together.


  • Action plans for increasing collaboration
  • Benchmark results against other organisations
  • Diagnostics and heatmaps
  • Extensive library of surveys