26 November 2021

How Can Video Help New Starter Belonging?



Daniel Whitmore


Recruitment and retention


New employees need a strong network of help to acclimatise to the changes, new knowledge and new culture around them. “Not fitting in” accounts for a huge number of new starters leaving and because new starters leaving is a huge cost. It’s worth paying attention to.

The cost of losing an employee in the first year is estimated to be at least three times salary – The Wynhurst Group

On one side, you could rely on the employees who have already settled in to support the new or, on the other, introduce the new starter to members across the business at all levels to gain a deeper understanding of the business. The difference between the two is time and money, but it is often worth it. Some companies who manage successful onboarding techniques choose to bring new employees together in an annual meeting along with key leaders of the company. Others arrange a meeting with the CEO early on to help bridge the gap.

While these are all excellent ways to combat losing new starters by helping them connect, there is an opportunity to do these things using video. By recording your CEO and key leaders, as well as employees around the business, new starters can gain a similar understanding of what the business is like at a lot less expense. Another advantage is that new employees can meet these people through video, before they’ve even set foot in the office. On top of using video to induct them, new starters can also be grouped, mentored or just encouraged to get familiar with employees around them. This isn’t an all out substitute for meeting people around the business, but it helps them connect to senior staff without losing time and because you only have to record it once, you can have access to lots of people rather than just one.