How Ciphr can support you during uncertain times
16 April 2020

How Ciphr can support you during uncertain times

From managing absence to launching a crisis communication tool, here are five ways Ciphr is supporting customers during the coronavirus


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From managing absence to launching a crisis communication tool, here are five ways Ciphr is supporting customers during the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted many companies around the world. Some are having to get used to employees working from home for the first time ever while others are dealing with a shortage of staff. Here at Ciphr, our business continuity plans mean we are providing uninterrupted access to our HR solutions and support to our customers. Here are just some of the ways we are helping Ciphr customers manage uncertainty and support their workforces.

1. Managing Covid-19-related absences

If employees are absent from work as a result of the coronavirus, or if they are self-isolating or working from home, organisations can keep track of these absences by setting up bespoke absence codes in Ciphr. This allows HR and senior leadership teams to assess the impact of Covid-19 on the workforce now and in the future – in particular, the number of employees who are unable to work or who need to work from home.

2. Furloughing individual employees

In our recent customer webinar, over half of attendees said that furloughing staff is a major HR continuity challenge they are facing at the moment. For organisations that have to furlough staff, Ciphr has developed a furlough wizard to speed up the process.

The wizard is available for existing Ciphr customers to activate in their system now. It takes you through the process of ending an employee’s current job and pay record, calculating 80% (or more) of the employee’s salary, suspending or deleting absences (such as holiday), and more.

3. Paying employees on time

At times like these, it is crucial that employees are paid on time. If you handle payroll in-house and your payroll team is not able to work (due to Covid-19), Ciphr Payroll can help by calculating the average pay for furloughed staff and making payments to staff on your behalf.

Ciphr can also provide tailored payroll system training – delivered remotely by our payroll experts – so your HR and finance teams are able to run your payroll process in the event of staff absence.

4. Effective, rapid communications

We all know communication is key during a crisis, why is why Ciphr has developed a new rapid communications tool to help organisations contact their people more quickly.

Messages can be sent via email or SMS to all employees (or specific groups of employees, as defined in Ciphr), allowing employers to communicate quickly and effectively with their people at times of urgency. This tool – now available to all customers – is crucial for making sure employees are consistently updated with the information they need while working remotely.

5. Ensuring business continuity

Although some tasks or projects will inevitably be on hold during this period of adjustment, smart employers are figuring out how to make ‘business as usual’ happen in the context of remote working. For example, some HR teams are finding new ways to recruit – with video interviewing using tools such as Ciphr video screening on the rise.

Other HR professionals are taking advantage of the pauses in some day-to-day activity to focus on more strategic projects, with Ciphr’s strategic HR consultancy team on hand to help customers with any HR-related projects – whether that’s reviewing or improving system processes, or implementing a new strategy.

If you’re a Ciphr customer and want to find out more about how we can support you, please contact your customer success manager. If you’re new to Ciphr and want to find out how our people management solutions could transform your organisation’s ability to respond to uncertainty, request a meeting with one of our expert consultants.