How HR and finance can use HR software to enhance
15 October 2020

How HR and finance can use HR software to enhance employee experience

Payroll and finance experts discussed the impact of an integrated, single source of truth HR and payroll system on employee experience in a recent Ciphr webinar


Bogdan Tiganov

Bogdan Tiganov

Bogdan Tiganov was head of content at Ciphr from October 2020 to September 2021.


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Payroll and finance experts discussed the impact of an integrated, single source of truth HR and payroll system on the employee experience in a recent Ciphr webinar

In our recent webinar, payroll and finance experts from Ciphr and web expenses discussed the growing challenges faced by payroll, finance, and HR teams.

Could a renewed focus on a flexible, single source of truth HR and payroll system help to unite your teams and improve the employee experience?

Navigating complex challenges

The UK government’s response to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic – which has included the introduction of furlough and new job support schemes that could apply to more than 15 million people – means it’s more crucial than ever to have robust payment processes in place.

Because HR and payroll departments today are closely interlinked, it can be difficult to pinpoint responsibilities or bottlenecks. It’s not always as cut and dried as HR doing the hiring and firing and finance the numbers, especially when an organisation grows and your teams have acquisitions, new starters, a wide variety of job roles, and changing benefits to consider.

These challenges can be compounded by a feeling that there’s never enough time to do everything that is expected of you.

Amanda Barnden, payroll sales manager at Ciphr, said, “There’s always a huge amount of changes and pressures from external bodies to handle and validate data and to make sure it’s interpreted correctly.”

Every organisation aims for and expects agility, so there must be no gaps in your processes that drain time. For instance, the furlough calculations and HMRC audits require accuracy and watertight engagement with finance. These pressures on your people and processes, if not addressed, will have a negative impact on employee experience.

Plan strategically to find solutions

Before choosing new software, it may be time to carry out a full process review across your organisation. Analyse your current setup, teams, responsibilities and goals, because looking at a system-based solution alone is like trying to fix the brickwork when the foundation is crumbling. “Think outside of what your system can do,” said Barnden. “Who can take ownership of data collection, compliance, and approvals? What are you aiming to achieve?

“Ask yourself: who needs access to your data? Will you outsource? These considerations will help you define how you map out roles to technology.”

Once you have your team structure in place and your strategic goals are defined, you can look to specialist integrated HR and payroll software to increase efficiency and boost. Opting for a single system that stores all employee data helps to:

  • Streamline your processes,
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • integrate HR, payroll, and finance teams with clearly defined workflows

Accurate and fast pay run begins with HR maintaining robust, error-free job and pay records, said Barnden: “What payroll professionals are looking for, first and foremost, is accurate and approved data that is ready for processing. HR has to drive the accuracy of this data.”

At the same time, when researching technological solutions, is the software flexible and expandable, allowing your people to work their way?

A flexible system improves employee experience

The Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to many organisations and business leaders, who suddenly realised that their employees could not carry out their duties from home.

Manual processes with an emphasis on office-based filing systems, or widespread spreadsheet use, was simply impractical, disconnected, and not user friendly for remote teams. Business continuity depends on employees being able to access your system from wherever they are, and on any device.

Integrated cloud-based solutions enable organisations to continue to run vital processes – such as processing payroll and expense claims – wherever and whenever they are working, while at the same time minimising the volume of manual intervention required to complete these processes, and therefore giving teams more time to focus on more strategic matters.

Choosing software providers that already have a proven working – and technical relationship – can help your organisation achieve more, more quickly. The integration between Ciphr ‘s HR software and webexpenses, for example, means that when a user’s information in Ciphr HR is updated, relevant data is automatically updated in webexpenses’ expense management platform, saving employees from having to do the same work twice.

Single sign-on between the two systems also makes access easy for administrators and end-users alike, enhancing the employee experience further.

To hear more about how integrated HR, payroll and finance software can help your teams work together more harmoniously – and improve your employee experience – watch the webinar recording below.