16 January 2013

How Social Media Can Get You Fired


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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The vast majority of people (91% of adults online) now use social media in one form or another. Businesses are using social media for marketing purposes and many now have an official office policy covering its use during office hours.  With status’ being updated many times per day, and including video, images and links it is more important than ever to think before sharing information on the internet.

Below is a list of what NOT to share on social media if you value your job.

Complaining about your manager

Bad mouthing or speaking ill of your manager is a definite ‘no no’.  Social media is not the place to resolve differences or vent your anger about your boss.  More often than not, publicising the fact that you do not like your manager or the way in which they work will end badly.

Deal with the situation like an adult and speak to your manager in an attempt to resolve whatever differences you may have.

Spreading rumours about a colleague

Gossiping about colleagues is not very nice even in the privacy of your own office, let alone online.  It is quite likely that even if you are not directly connected to that colleague online, one of the people you are connected to is, and so there is a high likelihood that they will find out.

Even if they do not get to hear of the rumours that you are publishing for all to see, it still does not look good on your profile.

Sharing company confidential information

‘Company confidential’ information is called that for a reason, it is NOT supposed to be shared outside of the business.

By doing so you are not only betraying the trust of your employers, but also  disobeying the terms of your employment and potentially causing the business a lot of harm.

Advertise that you are looking for another job

This one should be obvious but updating your status with the fact that you are looking for alternative employment is a great way to make your current employment pretty difficult and awkward.

Post a picture of yourself committing a crime

As well as getting yourself into trouble with your employer for posting an incriminating image of yourself, the chances are that the police will also start to take an interest in you!  There have been a few stories in the news recently of people being arrested due to their online status updates.

Update your status saying that you are at a theme park, when you are supposed to be ill

Dropping yourself in it with your employer, by posting a picture of yourself on a roller coaster when you are supposed to be on sick leave is obviously not a good idea.  If you do this then you pretty much deserve any disciplinary action that your employer feels appropriate!