11 November 2014

How To Turn Your Office Into A Hub Of Collaboration


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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How collaborative is your office? Really? Want to improve how your employees work together? Here’s how to turn your office into a hub of collaboration.

Let employees see each other

It may sound obvious but, in a world of communication technology, it’s still nice to be able to see and talk to people around us. If employees have sight of one another then they’re more likely to interact and collaborate.
Encourage an office environment that allows colleagues to talk to each other without having to pick up a phone or type an email.
If you provide your staff their own little environment where they can cocoon themselves for the working day, then that’s probably what they’ll do.

A bustling office where various discussions and debates are occurring is productive and collaborative, encouraging communication and the strengthening of professional relationships. If topics and challenges are being discussed in the open, then you may even save a few meetings, not to mention the additional input from employees that may get involved!

employee-collaborationInstall a coffee machine or communal area(s)

By providing areas within the office where colleagues can ‘bump into each other’ casually you’ll encourage discussion and interaction both professionally and socially.
Making tea, coffee or any drink for your colleagues is a sure fire way to gain appreciation and strike up conversations with those people you may not otherwise interact with.

Hot desking

By doing away with set seating locations, employees will naturally sit next to different people on a regular basis. Sharing a space with different people evokes new conversations, ideas and inspiration naturally.

Hot desking also encourages certain individuals to get to the office early in order to get their choice of seat.

In order to provide a hotdesking environment that works, each desk must have the necessary equipment needed for a member of staff to be able to be 100% productive. This could include sufficient power sockets, a laptop dock or phone.

Appropriate technology

collaboration techIn order for employees to collaborate it’s necessary for them to have access to the various forms of communication that may be required depending on their circumstances. Mobile tech, instant messaging apps and secure file sharing are all areas that a brand should consider and implement if employee collaboration is to be effectual.

There are various apps, both free and premium, available for mobile devices. Security and effectiveness should be tested before deciding upon which app to utilise. It’s also important that employees use the same set of apps to allow seamless communication in a standardised way.

Social events

Organising social events to allow employees to interact in a relaxed and informal environment is an important factor when encouraging collaboration and communication within a workforce.

Allowing colleagues to get to know each other, bond and gain each others trust will enhance the general engagement within the business and improve productivity and efficiency.