16 No Nonsense Tips For Mastering Focus


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We live in a world where the ability to focus is becoming harder to achieve. We’re all busier, connected to everyone and everything all of the time and constantly notified of any slight change or update to our lives thanks to smart phones and wearable tech.

1. One thing at a time – quit the multi-tasking, it doesn’t work. Give your full attention to one thing at a time, finish it, move on.
2. Know your ‘up times’ – some of us a morning people, some of us aren’t, that’s just how it is. Know your most productive times and schedule your work accordingly.
3. Remove irrelevant items – remove any items not related to the task at hand that could distract you.
4. EatEat right to focus (Omega3, leafy greens, whole grains).
5. Bring deadlines forward – set yourself an hour for a task, reduce that to 45 minutes.
6. Reward your efforts – completed a task well? Reward yourself and move on to the next.
7. Turn off the internet – the biggest time waster on the planet, turn it off during focused periods.
8. Listen to music Music aids focus, listen to some tunes to block out distraction and boost concentration.
9. Sleep – if you don’t have a regular sleep schedule your focus will suffer.
10. Try different productivity methods to find your fit – with so many productivity techniques available there should be one that suits you.
11. Drink – no hydration = no focus.
12. Let it be known! – Don’t be afraid to inform people that you don’t want to be distracted unless absolutely necessary.
13. If it will only take two minutes, do it now – why put it off, DO IT.
14. Shut down email – Take care of email in batches, not ‘as and when’.
15. Automate focus sapping tasks – are there certain processes or tasks you can automate with online tools and/or apps?
16. Review and improve – See what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day, improve on reasons you may not have completed certain tasks.

Bonus – stop reading ‘productivity’ articles, they’re distracting! 🙂