27 November 2019

Why bother with office Christmas decorations?

Don’t be a Scrooge – here are four reasons why getting into the festive spirit can boost morale in the workplace


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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Don’t be a Scrooge – here are four reasons why getting into the festive spirit can boost morale in the workplace

Many workplaces embrace the festive season as an opportunity to inject a little Christmas cheer into the working environment, even if not all their employees celebrate the holiday. But if your boss is more of a Grinch than an Elf, here are four compelling reasons to help explain the benefits of office Christmas decorations and why they should embrace the idea of Christmas decorations in the office.


1. Employees are encouraged to work as a team

Challenging your employees to create Christmas decorations, either as part of a competition or just as a fun exercise, is a morale booster and can work wonders for improving team spirit. As well as encouraging collaboration, it gives employees the chance to exercise their creativity and take a short break from screen-based activity. Working in teams can help to stimulate creativity, engagement and innovation; it’s also an opportunity for you to encourage individuals from different departments to work together on a more relaxed project.


2. Office morale will get a lift

The stresses of Christmas shopping aside, most of us enjoy the festive period and are more upbeat and happier because of it. Whether it’s the general Christmas spirit shared with others or the thought of spending time with family, a festive environment brings out that childhood anticipation and excitement we remember. That morale boost should bring with it an uplift in productivity and increased employee engagement, and a lowering of absence rates – all good news as many companies strive to hit their end-of-year targets.


3. The office environment will be reinvigorated

Christmas decorations will add an often much-needed splash of colour to the office environment. Unless your workplace is full of slides, table tennis tables and chill-out zones it’s likely that it could do with a few bits of tinsel on the walls, a few tasteful desk decorations, and a tree in the corner or in your reception area.

Bringing a bit of nature into your working environment – whether real or artificial – can help alleviate stress at this often hectic time of year, improving employees’ wellbeing and lifting their spirits.


4. It’s a chance to show your human side

Allowing or even encouraging employees to decorate their workspaces for Christmas shows your organisation’s human side – that you care about their wellbeing, morale and happiness while they are at work. Having a bit of fun at work is also important for your employer brand; you’ll want to post pictures of your decorated office on your social media channels, so prospective applicants can gain an insight into your organisational culture.


This article was first published in December 2017. It was updated in December 2019 for freshness, clarity and accuracy.