Seven items you need to own if you’re working from home
12 May 2020

Seven items you need to own if you’re working from home

What are the top items everyone needs if they’re working from home? We share our list with you


Maryam Munir

Maryam Munir

Maryam Munir worked as a content marketing writer at Ciphr from 2019 to 2021, specialising in topics related to HR systems, recruitment, payroll software, and learning and development.


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What are the top items everyone needs if they’re working from home? We share our list with you

Working from home has been a change that many of us have had to adjust to suddenly. From having to order a new work desk and chair to making sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough for you to work and talk to colleagues, many workers have found they’ve had to buy or update many essential items to succeed at working remotely. But what are the top seven items you need to have if you’re working from home? Here, we share with you Ciphr’s list of must-have items.

1. Loungewear

Let’s be honest, one of the benefits of working from home is that you can dress in comfy or casual wear every single day. Nobody expects you to wear a wear a suit for a Zoom call, but remember that you do still need to look presentable. To avoid showing up to virtual meetings in your dressing gown, invest in some neutral-coloured loungewear so you can work comfortably from home, and also look like you’re prepared to work. Try for reasonably priced loungewear, or certified B-Corp Baukjen for more eco-friendly options.

2. Coffee machine

Office days in the workplace used to involve multiple cups of coffee, so why not maintain this element of normality by buying a coffee machine? This will get you through the early starts, the big workloads and the stress of juggling work and family (if you’re a coffee-lover). For Ciphr employees, some decaf coffee to go with this is a must-have for when you just want to drink another cup.

This mini coffee machine for £74.99 doesn’t take up too much space – you could even keep it on your desk to save that long walk to the kitchen.

3. Subscription to mental health apps

Working from home as a result of a pandemic is a unique and difficult situation for us all. To help you cope with the changes to your everyday routine, and to help you be productive while working from home, download and subscribe to apps that help support your mental health. These not only provide tips to improve your mental health, but also allow you to take time out of your working day to look after yourself and your health. After taking a free trial of popular apps such as Calm and Headspace, choosing to pay upfront for an annual subscription means that your daily cost will work out to just a few pence.

4. Desk organiser

If you’re someone who keeps sticky notes, stationery and other small bits on your desk, you need a desk organiser to declutter your workspace. By organising and tidying your desk space, you’ll find you might be in a more productive mindset for work.

Clean up your desk with this desk organiser from IKEA for less than £10.

5. A do not disturb sign

By now most of us have probably encountered that situation where you’re on a call and someone who lives with you, walks into the room. By hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign outside your door, you can prevent calls from being disrupted and can relax knowing that your calls and meetings will run smoothly.

Order this hanging sign from Amazon to help you out, or, if you’re feeling creative, why not get the felt tips out and make your own?

6. A second monitor

By setting your laptop up with another monitor, you can change your productivity levels, keep up with emails or tasks, and can give more attention to detail. If you’re used to working with two screens in the workplace, aim for the same when working from home. It might help to alleviate musculoskeletal problems associated with working remotely, too. You should be able to find a suitable monitor for less than £100 from all major high-street electronics retailers.

7. Chocolate (or any other preferred snacks)

These are trying times, and no-one is judging you for indulging in some treats now and then. Some chocolate, or any preferred treats, are a must-have when working from home, especially if you’re having to juggle work and family at the same time. Alternatively, if you prefer healthy snacks, it doesn’t hurt to always make sure you’re stocked up, or sign up for a monthly subscription box.

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