Ten People HR Should Follow On Twitter

Ten People HR Should Follow On Twitter




There are countless numbers of people using Twitter to publicise themselves and their business, sell products and give advice regarding any feasible subject.  Knowing who to follow will ensure that you are receiving insightful information, and access to informative and useful articles.

Who Should HR Follow On Twitter?

Below is a list of 10 Twitter users that share original, unique information specifically targeted for the HR professional.

@DiscussHR – A free, independent, HR community where you can join other Human Resources Practitioners who are focused on Transformation of HR to share, learn & discuss.

@lruettimann – With over a decade of Human Resources experience in Fortune 500 organizations, Laurie Ruettimann is an influential speaker, writer and social media expert.

@PeopleMgt – All the latest in HR news and analysis

@TalentMgtMag – The Business of Talent Management

@TLNT_com – TLNT is about The Business of HR, with news, trends, and insights from experts in HR, talent management, and areas related to managing a workforce.

@HRConnector – Helping HR connect on Twitter and bringing you key HR news.

@HRSpace – Connecting the HR community – Personnel Today’s social networking site for HR folk

@workforcenews – News about workforce management and HR issues from Workforce Management magazine.

@HRZone – HRZone.co.uk offers relevant, practical human resources guidance for the busy HR professional. Sign up for free email bulletins.

@HRManagement – HR Management – The Publication for the Human Resources Industry.