27 September 2012

The Real Benefits Of An eRecruitment System


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.




As more and more prospective applicants are using the internet to look for vacancies, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to eRecruitment systems to cater for the trend.  Systems such as Ciphr iRecruit offer many advantages over the more traditional methods of both advertising the vacancy, and administering the application process.

Some of the advantages of an eRecruitment are;

  • Placing an advert with all of the necessary information in a magazine or newspaper is costly and doesn’t make the application process any easier for the applicant.  By directing applicants to an on line eRecruitment system you are able to start a seamless application process for them to follow.  You are also able to display all of the information you require to fully explain the vacancy.
  • You can brand your on line applicant portal to your specific company brand.
  • Carried out in the correct manner, an online vacancy can reach many more applicants than the local press or industry magazine.
  • It has been shown that many young applicants now consider referrals and recommendations through social media as an important factor when selecting which roles which they apply for.  With this in mind a strong on line presence and attractive applicant portal can easily be linked with Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • An eRecruitment portal on your company website is also available constantly without additional advertising costs.  This is useful both for specific posts and speculative applications.
  • The ability to present the applicant with ‘Killer’ questions enables your recruitment team to automatically filter out any applicants who fail to meet these preliminary requirements, such as whether they have a permit to work in the UK or an essential qualification.
  • As many of the administrative tasks are often automated in an eRecruitment system, the applicant will receive a higher quality of service in terms of receiving timely replies and notifications regarding the application process, without the recruitment team having to manually carry out these actions. This can represent up to a 50% reduction in the administration required by the recruitment team.
  • A pre defined on line portal enables businesses to build consistency in both the applicant and recruiter process.
  • If you have the ability to create a talent pool then you can effectively ‘collect’ applicant’s for future vacancies and therefore eradicate agency and advertising costs for certain positions.
  • Management are able to report on recruitment activity to further enhance the applicant experience.  Being able to report on applicant metrics will also assist in future recruitment campaigns.
As you can see from the above, an eRecruitment system can offer cost savings associated with the advertising of the vacancy, reducing the requirement of expensive recruitment agencies and the ‘man hours’ required to administer the recruitment process.
For further details of iRecruit or to book a demo please contact your Account Manager on 01628 814060 or email us.