Using IFTTT To Improve Productivity


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IFTTT (If This Then That) is an extremely useful tool for online automation and notification. From receiving an SMS when the forecast is for rain to automatically sharing a new blog post to multiple sources. Each action that you create or use is called a ‘recipe’, below are a few of the best for productivity, both in the office and at home.

Creating recipe’s is a very simple process, and you can also reuse those recipe’s that have already been created by others. The site wizard takes you through a few simple steps and ‘hey presto’, you’re done!



Receive an SMS alert on your phone before any event starts on your Google Calendar. Particularly useful for those hectic weeks where you have lots of meetings out on the road.



Add a Google Calendar Event when you make a dinner reservation at This could be a business meal, a staff outing or just a occasion with friends.



Save your email attachments to Dropbox. Particularly useful for backup purposes. Make sure you have a copy of important documentation.



Add files to Google Drive from Dropbox. Moving files from a specific folder within your Dropbox account to Google Drive is a great way of both organising your files but also making sure you have copies of important documents.



Automatically add new contacts on your iPhone or iPad to Dropbox. This is particularly useful if you misplace your iPhone or it is simply out of battery!




Backup your contacts from your iPhone or iPad to a spreadsheet within Google Apps. This is a great way to collate and share a specific list of clients, contacts or colleagues.



Automatically send new contacts an email with your contact details and other information that you wish to include. For example, could be a follow up to an introduction or a business meeting.


There are also a number of automation recipe’s for spreading content throughout your social media presence, examples of these are:

There are countless recipe’s to make your life easier and quicker using simple rule based processes. Take a look here and let us know how the site has helped you.