Warning Over Social Media Updates That Could Jeopardise Career

Warning Over Social Media Updates That Could Jeopardise Career


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It was reported today that too many people are potentially jeopardising their career prospects by sharing inappropriate updates on social media sites. The Recruitment Society and  CIPD state most employers now research job candidates online.

When searching through potential employee profiles, on numerous social media sites, employers are increasingly finding photos and updates which are damaging to the candidates application.  It’s not just job hunters that should be careful regarding the updates they share, employees found to be posting inappropriate content about their employer  can be sacked.

It is legal in the UK to browse anyone’s profile if the security settings are not set to prevent such access, and action can be taken against the employee as long as an employer does not discriminate based on race, gender etc.

It is important that people recognise the damage that they can do to their (and others) reputation online, making sure that your privacy settings are correctly set, and being thoughtful about the information that they share, is more important than ever.