6 December 2012

What Not To Say (Or Do) At Your Office Christmas Party


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


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Office Christmas parties are, and always will be, both a fun and dangerous event!  Knowing what to say and do, and more importantly, what NOT to say or do can be the difference between a happy New Year and a VERY awkward January in the office!

What NOT to say or do:

  • Get so drunk that you end up asleep in the middle of the dance floor with your colleagues congo’ing around you.
  • Corner the boss for hours talking nonsensically about how you would run the company.
  • Sit in the corner waiting for people to come to you, it won’t happen.
  • Assume that everything you say or do is off the record, it’s not (which will become evident when you’re next in the office!).
  • Assume when you’ve had a few drinks, that everyone around you is a leaning post.  Feeling wobbly? Sit in a chair!
  • Take advantage of a free bar, to the extent that you could open your own brewery.
  • Assume you can break dance, you can’t.
  • The above is also true of pretending to be a robot!
  • Get all emotional and start crying, it’s not the time or place.
  • Blow your wages trying to look cool and buying the entire company a round.
  • Turn up in fancy dress thinking it will be funny, it will be for everyone else, but for the wrong reasons!
  • Spread gossip.
  • Start a food fight.
  • Bring an uninvited guest.
  • Harass the DJ every five minutes, he is the professional, you’re not.