How The Travel And Leisure Industry Has Embraced Social Media

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One of the key sectors which has truly embraced social media is the Travel and Leisure industry. This industry is well suited to the landscape of social media. By giving people the opportunity to share their experience within an online community brands allow for word of mouth to spread about the service they have received, it also allows consumers to connect with businesses in a natural, organic way.

But how are brands within this sector using social media to grow their online audience?

Customer service

The travel and leisure industry is one of the most consumer facing sectors out there, so a solid customer service strategy is key to success on social media. Not only does a customer service policy allow a business to engage with its consumers in a unique way, it also allows them to create a presence for your brand online. By dealing with queries (whether good or bad) in an open space, such as social media, a brand can add a personal feel by breaking down the barriers between company and consumer. One of our clients is flybe – a major brand in the travel sector. Their use of real time customer service ensures that their customers stay informed,  up to date and helps to grow their fan base as they position themselves as an informative brand that cares about their customers.


 Sharing experiences in real time

Social media is a fantastic way to share updates with online audiences in real time. Not only does this medium increase interaction and engagement with consumers, it also allow companies to promote a new service, product or experience in a bespoke way. One of our clients is the British Museum, they displayed an excellent use of real time sharing with their ‘Up Late in Pompeii’ event. Visitors to the museum were invited to experience a night dedicated to Roman history where they could see how Romans let their hair down, sample food from the Bay of Naples and partake in debates in the Roman forum.
Attendees to the event were invited to share their experience of the event using the hashtag #UpLateInPompeii. Not only did this give the event a life of its own, it allowed the British Museum’s online community to engage with the brand in a unique way.


Real time information

As well as sharing experiences, social media is a fantastic tool to share information as it happens. One of our clients, the Barclays Premier League, use social media to share breaking information about football, which is a great example of a brand providing immediate and relevant information to their online audience. One of the major events in the football calendar is the ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ where the period of time for football clubs to transfer players comes to a close. By utilising the use of the hashtag #TrasnferDeadlineDay, the Barclays Premier League were able to keep their online audience up to date with the latest breaking news on players. Not only does this position the brand as industry experts, it also builds trust with their online audience in the fact that they know they will receive the right information, as it happens, from the brand.


What do you think to the way that the travel and leisure sector interact with social media? Have you got any of your own favourite examples of how brands within this industry interact with their customers online?