Is Your Phone Locked? It Should Be

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Flexible and remote working are becoming more popular. Social media is also growing in terms of both the number of users and the number of businesses using this medium to market their products and/or services. As these numbers increase, there is also an increased risk posed (potentially by a single, unsecured mobile device) to a personal or company brand/image.

A typical mobile?

If I take my mobile phone as an example. Until recently I hadn’t set up a security pin and often left it on my desk at work whilst I was away from my PC and even at lunch. The apps on my phone are always logged in, so if someone turned my phone on, they would also have access, directly, to these apps, which include:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • 500PX


The above apps have a combined ‘audience’ of over 4000 people, all of whom could be contacted in a matter of minutes with a message damaging to my personal brand.

It’s not just your contact list exposed

Not only could anyone wandering past my phone have accessed it, very quickly and easily, they could also have posted anything on a number of sites as me! After a brief conversation with my colleague about what ‘could’ happen, my phone is now secured, but I hardly ever see any of my friends of colleagues punching in a security pin when using their phone.

Now imagine the damage that could be done to a brand if the apps were all connected to a company account. Would ‘my phone wasn’t locked’ be a good enough excuse?

So, is your phone locked? If not, then not only are you leaving your contact list unsecured but also your personal brand, and in many cases the brand of your employer.