Want A Single Source Of Everything HR – Here’s How To Create It Easily!

If you’re like us then you’ll want to keep up to date with news and events regarding HR and our working lives. There are many great sources of content online, blogs, news sites and content aggregator tools to name but a few. But what if you wanted one ‘stream’ of data that collected all the information you wanted, based on your own search criteria?

One thing that most sites have in common, no matter where they are or their format, is that they submit to Twitter. Using an online tool called Queryfeed it is possible to create searches on Twitter to find all you need to know about HR, your industry or even keep an eye out for your next job. There is also a search for Google+ and Facebook, however these are not currently as comprehensive as the Twitter search.


Queryfeed allows you to use the following criteria for your searches:

  • Keyword/s
  • Specific user/s tweets
  • Tweets sent to a specific user/s
  • Tweets from certain locations
  • Positive tweets
  • Negative tweets
  • Hashtags
  • Date ranges

As you can imagine, you can achieve some pretty precise results by combining the above, but remember to include a search for ‘CIPHR’!

The tool will provide your results in the form of an RSS feed, to use this you’ll need to copy the URL from your browser and paste it into your RSS reader (Outlook has an area for RSS feeds) such as Feedly.