HR Anywhere With CIPHR Mobile

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Here at CIPHR we understand how important it is for HR professionals to have the flexibility and freedom to access CIPHR from wherever and whenever it’s required. Using our 30+ years experience in building HR systems, we launched CIPHR Mobile in 2012 as a tool for managers to administer the day to day duties associated with CIPHR Net. We are proud to announce the new version of CIPHR Mobile which both builds on the original functionality but also brings many additional features.

CIPHR MobileFlexible

Available on a greater range or devices, including Android iOS and Windows, the new CIPHR Mobile is designed to allow all employees instant access to their people data. Your employees simply need the URL of CIPHR Mobile and their existing CIPHR Net credentials to access the new range of features and benefits.

Built from experience

We know from our existing customers that absence and holiday request features are a priority. With this in mind, we have introduced the ability for all employees to access a full range of time off features and functionality.
One of the great new features is an absence dashboard, where users can very quickly and easily see a complete overview of the absence and holiday breakdown.

Always up to date

Employees also have the luxury of never having to update colleagues work contact details, this is done automatically within CIPHR Mobile.

CIPHR_Mobile2Intuitive interface. Clean design

The new interface is intuitive and boasts a user friendly design which is easily navigated, even with one hand. Information is displayed clearly and concisely, allowing employees to quickly see what’s important to them. Managers are able to monitor and administer subordinate data and requests in a few taps of the screen, allowing them to carry on with their daily activities.

Among the great features CIPHR Mobile offers are:

  • Employees are able to add, view, edit or delete time off entries
  • An overview of absence for Managers and HR professionals
  • Manager verification of subordinate absence requests
  • Absence dashboard for quick and easy reference
  • Colleague contact list (automatically updated, no need for manual updates)


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