Integration between CIPHR and feedback tool Thymometrics helps The Cambridge listen to its staff

159-year-old independent mutual society opts for modern technology partnership to increase employee engagement


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159-year-old independent mutual society opts for modern technology partnership to increase employee engagement

The Cambridge Building Society – a CIPHR customer since 2013 – has recently integrated always-on feedback tool Thymometrics with CIPHR to help the organisation better listen to and engage with its employees.

“We have always had an annual employee engagement survey; the problem is that it’s at ‘one point in time’, and any proactive action is six months too late,” explains Victoria Filler, The Cambridge’s head of people.

Filler was also keenly aware of the assumption that past surveys were considered HR-centric in their purpose, rather than being focused on listening to team members – a problem she was keen to address, especially as “employee engagement can change in a heartbeat”.

The Cambridge’s quest to find the best employee engagement solutions provider also had to adhere to the building society’s practice of supporting suppliers from the local business community.

Filler and her team of four looked at various employee feedback mechanisms and initially considered opting for a pulse survey that would help the HR team gauge employees’ mood and pick up on trends in real time.

“We Googled ‘local pulse survey providers’ and quite a few came up. Our finance team tested Thymometrics’ functionality to make sure it was right for us before we partnered with them.”

Thymometrics enables users to express their views and feelings about various aspects of their experience at work at any time and via any device. The anonymous two-way feedback platform helps employees and managers establish a dialogue and address concerns and suggestions quickly before they become a problem.

The connection between Thymometrics and CIPHR – facilitated via an application programming interface, or API – means that details of new starters, leavers or changes added to or made in CIPHR, which are relevant to the Thymometrics platform, are automatically updated in Thymometrics. This one-way data sync reduces the time HR spends on administration, ensuring greater accuracy and security of data – while maintaining the anonymity of employee feedback shared through Thymometrics.

Thymometrics’ reporting dashboard enables Filler’s HR team to analyse trends and identify which factors, groups, departments and locations require their immediate attention – helping them to make thoughtful decisions about next steps.

She says: “Thymometrics gives us a better and more relevant view of how engaged the team is feeling and, over time, as the data builds up, we will be better placed to notice trends and be able to link improvements back to actions in the organisation.”

The first group of 200 employees were invited to participate in a pulse survey in November 2018, with more than a quarter choosing to share their feedback.

“We were pleased with the take-up response,” says Filler. “And, from an HR point of view, during the next few months, we will be proactively looking at ways in which we can communicate its benefits to our team.”

The team will be doing so with Thymometrics’ help, who says Filler, “has been really supportive of us on our journey – offering training on the best practices of analysing the employee engagement and response data, which we’re all looking forward towards understanding better.”

David Godden, VP of sales and marketing at Thymometrics, adds: “We’ve really enjoyed working with Victoria and the team at The Cambridge Building Society, and look forward to pushing on with their engagement programme.”

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