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Discover how automated background checks can improve the efficiency and security of your recruitment process

When you’re hiring to fill a vacancy, a speedy and seamless candidate experience is just one way to stand out from competitors and make sure you have your first pick of candidates.

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    Ciphr Verify speeds up your time-to-hire by automating admin-intensive, time-consuming background checks such as reference checks and criminal record checks.

    Ciphr Verify integrates with our applicant tracking system (ATS), Ciphr iRecruit, to automatically identify candidates that require checks to be carried out at a specific stage of the recruitment process and initiate the checking process. Checks are then carried out by our partner, Experian, with the results imported back into Ciphr Verify and Ciphr iRecruit.

    • Initiate checks from our recruitment platform, Ciphr iRecruit
    • Configure which checks are carried out for which candidates or vacancies, and at which stage of the hiring process – can be used early in your recruitment process to filter out unsuitable applicants
    • Ciphr Verify automatically initiates checks as specified, inviting applicants to supply the relevant information via Experian’s online portal. HR users may have to manually input additional information for certain checks
    • Results are imported back into Ciphr iRecruit and recorded against each applicant’s record – you can choose to configure the platform to automatically advance to the next stage all candidates who meet the relevant criteria, or to cancel subsequent checks, or halt the hiring process, if the candidate has not passed the first check
    • View checks’ status in Ciphr Verify’s dashboard: checks required, checks in progress, and check history
    • Generates interim reports for more complex checks that take longer to complete
    • Designed to process bulk check requests – one-off checks can also be carried out
    • Use and pay for only the Experian checks you require