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Is your HR system leaving you exposed?

Each year thousands of employment tribunals take place, many of which can be avoided by ensuring robust systems and thorough processes are in place.

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“CIPHR has helped us to pull our data together into a central repository. We now have a framework that we can build upon and I’m sure that we will start to see cost-savings in terms of productivity gains. From an IT and security perspective, we are satisfied that appropriate security standards are being maintained and comfortable about our data being securely hosted in the cloud. I would definitely recommend CIPHR to other organisations.”

CIPHR’s self-service HR system helps organisations to manage employee data more efficiently and accurately

CIPHR delivers cost effective HR solutions that enable organisations to attract, engage, manage and retain their workforce more effectively. Our self-service HR system is highly configurable, enabling our customers to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve communication across the entire employee lifecycle.

  • Store all employee data in one secure place
  • CIPHR is ISO27001 accredited
  • Automated notifications and reminders help busy managers keep on top of important tasks such as probation periods, back to work interviews and performance reviews
  • Keep track of performance reviews and training activity
  • Monitor and track absences with appropriate approval processes
  • Ensure compliance with relevant policy and legislation acceptance
  • Provide an electronic copy of company policies and procedures, available to employees on PC’s, Macs, smartphones and tablets
  • Store relevant documentation against employee records

Find out how CIPHR can help you comply with employment law: