You Already Outsource Your Life, So Why Not HR?


HR transformation


One of the services that we offer at CIPHR is ‘HR Outsourcing‘.  This allows our clients to pass the responsibility of certain tasks, which would otherwise be completed by an HR representative, to us. This strategy offers many advantages as well as further strengthening our partnership with our clients. Moving to an outsourced service is not as much of a ‘leap’ as you might think, after all, you already outsource many elements of your personal life.

Outsourced daily chores

We all use outsourcing every day of our lives.  Many of the services that we receive are so common place that we don’t even take notice of them happening all around us. Pretty much any service that you can think of can be classed as outsourcing.  We trust complete strangers every day with services concerning our property and possessions  yet many people are still hesitant regarding outsourcing business processes. Strange don’t you think?

These include:

  • Refuse collection
  • Cleaning (access to your home and possessions)
  • Dry cleaning (access to your personal property)
  • Car washing (access to your car, which is possibly your second most expensive possession)
  • Dog walking (access to your pet and your trust that the ‘walker’ will return with it safely)
  • Gardening (access to your property)
  • Window cleaning (allowing others to view the interior of your home)
  • Wedding planning (allowing someone else to plan the most important day of your life)


Trust issues?

One reason for hesitation regarding outsourcing may be trust, you just don’t trust another party to take on your responsibilities and processes. Outsourcing companies cater specifically to the needs and requirements of their clients. They have the latest technology available to them and security is a top priority. Their business is built on taking that responsibility and delivering results, it is vital to that business that they are trustworthy.
Is trust an issue in everyday outsourcing? When was the last time you asked for ID when handing your keys over to have your car washed or for a list of qualifications from a gardener prior to letting them into your garden?
You are trusting these people with access to your property or possessions after all.


We all outsource everyday tasks to complete strangers in our daily lives. We trust these people to access our homes, care for our pets or even plan our weddings, yet there is still hesitation regarding outsourcing business tasks to professional organisations.