L&D and career progression – read part four of ‘Good Work, Great Technology’ by Ciphr

There’s much more to learning technology than learning management systems that deliver content and track completion rates. L&D tech now does more to support the HR agenda, too, with sophisticated performance and talent management functionality, and the capability to identify and plug skills gaps so workers are ready for whichever direction your organisation takes next. Plus, we’re at the cusp of a new wave of L&D technology, with artificial intelligence (AI), new content formats, and gamification all set to change how we learn at work.

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Ciphr book

Download the fourth and final part of Good Work, Great Technology: Enabling strategic HR success through digital tools to discover how HR technology is changing the L&D, including:

  • Performance management
  • Talent management
  • Upskilling and reskilling workers
  • eLearning content formats and sources
  • How games help people learn
  • How will AI impact learning?

Download part four      →

This is an extract from Good Work, Great Technology, a 2022 book from Ciphr, written by award-winning journalist Jo Faragher.

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