Hiring – read part two of ‘Good Work, Great Technology’ by Ciphr

Hiring isn’t about tech, is it – it’s about people finding other great people who’ll be the right fit for your role or organisation. But tech has a huge role to play not only in finding those ideal applicants (either reaching them, or getting your vacancies in front of them), but matching candidates to the right roles, maintaining a brilliant relationship with them (at a time when so many organisations are seeking to hire people with the same skills set) and making sure their tenure with your business gets off to the best-possible start.

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Download the second part of Good Work, Great Technology: Enabling strategic HR success through digital tools to discover how HR technology is changing the face of recruitment and onboarding, including:

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This is an extract from Good Work, Great Technology, a 2022 book from Ciphr, written by award-winning journalist Jo Faragher.

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