British workers share their inflation rate predictions

HR and payroll software provider Ciphr recently polled 1,151 British workers to find out what they think the rate of inflation will be by April 2022.

Ciphr asked survey respondents to base their inflation rate predictions on whether (and how much) they thought prices had risen over the past year (particularly in terms of paying bills and buying essentials). Here’s the results:

Inflation rate predictions – by salary

Less than a quarter (23%) of people earning under £30,000, compared to 29% of those earning between £30,000 and £44,999, and 31% of those earning over £45,000, think that inflation will stay around 5% or 6%.

Inflation rate predictions – by age

Around a third (32%) of 18 to 44-year-olds think UK inflation will rise to 10% or more, while around the same number (36%) of people over-45 think inflation will stay around it’s current levels (5% or 6%). The majority (48%) of people of all ages, however, do believe that inflation will reach 7% or more.

Inflation rate predictions – by number of children

People with children seem more likely to predict a higher rate of inflation – of 10% or more – than those with no children.


Ciphr polled 1,151 employed British adults between 24-26 February 2022. Around 13% of survey respondents hold leadership or senior management roles in the organisation, which employs them.

All statistics have been rounded to the nearest integer or to one decimal place. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

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