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CIPHR has partnered with iSams, a comprehensive management information system for schools and colleges.

The integration enables CIPHR to provide an intuitive, flexible solution that empowers you to manage your people data as your school grows.


Manage your HR and school data with CIPHR and iSAMS

CIPHR, a leading UK provider of HR software as a service, has partnered with iSAMS, a comprehensive management information system for schools and colleges.

With data integration between the two platforms, personal details and key employee information on teachers and staff can be stored in CIPHR and automatically transferred to iSAMS to improve efficiency, increase data accuracy and avoid duplication of work.

What are the benefits of CIPHR for Independent Schools?

CIPHR delivers innovative systems designed to meet the needs of independent schools. Covering the employee lifecycle, CIPHR’s products comprise people management, payroll, absence, recruitment, onboarding, reporting and analytics. Accessible anytime, anywhere delivered from UK-based data centres.

Find out why so many independent schools are choosing CIPHR:

Record and supply information for your SCR

Record information required for your Single Central Record. Ensure the necessary vetting and checks have been carried out during your recruitment processes. This includes DBS, identity, section 128 prohibition, barred list and prohibition from teaching checks. The ability to store copies of passports, driving licences, right to work information and professional qualifications is also available within CIPHR.

Keep track of employee training

Keep track of training effectively with the ability to view which training has been attended by employees, including safeguarding, prevent and safer recruitment training. Identify skills gaps and ensure all staff have the appropriate skills to deliver outstanding service to your pupils.

Manage complex work patterns and multiple roles

Whether you need to manage work patterns for part-timers, full time staff or employees with multiple roles, you can effectively record and configure work patterns with CIPHR.


Reduce reliance on IT

Track, monitor and record everything about your employees, from the moment they apply to the day they leave. Reduce administration and improve employee engagement through self-service functionality, automated workflow and 24/7 mobile access.

Effectively manage your people

Our experts take on the responsibility of managing your software by implementing CIPHR updates, upgrading CIPHR to ensure you’re always using the latest product version, and carrying out routine system maintenance. By significantly reducing the reliance on internal IT resources, valuable time can be spent on other critical projects.

Access people data anytime, anywhere

CIPHR’s mobile functionality provides users with fast and secure access to their core employee data on a range of devices. Valuable time can be saved by enabling employees and managers to request and verify leave, whilst team information can be viewed anytime, anywhere. With a user-friendly interface and effortless navigation, viewing the relevant employee information is made easy.


What are the benefits of iSAMS?

iSAMS supports your academic, administrative and pastoral responsibilities, and helps improve communications with parents. Its modular approach brings together communities across the school or college, providing access to school staff and administrators, tutors, lecturers, pupils and parents. Track and keep accurate records of pupil data, manage exams, timetables and end of year reports and share valuable information to students, teachers and parents.

By integrating CIPHR with iSAMS schools are able to have one point of data entry, helping them to streamline HR processes and manage their management information effectively.

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