Popular UK salon group picks CIPHR for their first-ever HR system

RUSH Hair & Beauty has selected CIPHR to deliver and implement its first centralised HR system, supporting more than 90 salons, its head office teams and their operational support departments, and a family of more than 1,200 colleagues.

“Currently we are working with multiple spreadsheets to track and record our HR operations”, says people director Lisa Wheatcroft. “It means we spend a lot of time looking for data across different applications, we have difficulty reporting quickly on performance measures, and there’s a heavy reliance by the business on the people team to complete administrative tasks.”

RUSH chose CIPHR’s solutions because of their ability to grow at the right pace for the business. “I’ve previously worked with systems in large organisations that don’t meet the operational and day-to-day requirements of the wider business. In these cases, the people team is constantly trying to fit the business to the system, rather than the other way around.” says Wheatcroft. “I wanted to be able to put the basics in place first, and find a system that we could grow into, while ensuring our processes are simple and efficient.”

“I wanted to find a system that we could grow into, while ensuring our processes are simple and efficient.”

The ability to customise CIPHR’s look and feel was also key for the style-conscious business. “I was really keen to get something that looked modern, felt quite engaging, and could be ‘RUSH-ified’, so it truly felt like our own,” says Wheatcroft. “When we roll it out, it will be a cultural change and a new way of working for everyone. With RUSH being a unique business, we needed it to feel like our own bespoke system.”

Other features that appealed to RUSH include CIPHR’s employee self-service functionality – with salon colleagues able to access CIPHR anytime and on any mobile device – its powerful reporting functionality, and the system’s ability to assist RUSH’s people team with compliance obligations.

Wheatcroft expects CIPHR’s core people management system and its applicant tracking system (ATS), CIPHR iRecruit, to bring a wide range of benefits for both RUSH’s people team and the wider organisation. “The system will create a much more agile approach to our colleague data and processes. It will enable us to create a slick and quick way of working to meet the needs of this dynamic business. We are really excited for CIPHR to arrive.”

“We are just as excited for RUSH Hair & Beauty to join us as a client,” adds Rob Oehlers, head of customer success at CIPHR. “We’re looking forward to cracking on with the implementation project and getting their much-needed HR system up and running as soon as possible.”