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Join us at 11am on Thursday 21 March or watch on demand


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Join us at 11am on Thursday 21 March or watch on demand

If you want to discover why digital change can fail, and how to make the most of your new software after launch, sign up for CIPHR’s free webinar on 21 March at 11am, hosted in partnership with workforce management solutions provider ShopWorks.

The biggest myth associated with digital transformation is that it’s just about implementing digital operations and automation – but it’s actually humans that are the secret to making change successful.

Because of this, projects’ success is never guaranteed; management consultancy McKinsey estimates that between only between 4% and 26% of digital transformation projects succeed.

Join CIPHR host Cathryn Newbery and Ian Hogg, chairman at Shopworks, for this free webinar to learn:

  • How digital transformation and change management are related
  • The biggest challenges to a digital transformation project
  • How to engage senior leaders, managers and frontline staff with technological change after the initial project launch
  • How data analysis can unlock efficiencies and cost savings

The day after the live broadcast, an on-demand recording will be sent to everyone who registers for the webinar.

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