Our Top 20 HR Articles From 2013


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Here’s a list of our top 20 HR articles from 2013. With over 100 articles to choose from it took a little time to decide but there’s a mixture of topics, everything from your happiness at work to online payslips was covered.



8 Tips When Launching A Company Intranet That Employees Will Actually Use

Every company’s employee strategy should have engagement and collaboration at the top of it’s priority list. One of the most useful tools for achieving these goals is a company intranet. Systems such as CIPHR Net allow a business to promote and encourage a greater sense of unification, which in turn will improve company culture, cohesiveness and productivity.



9 Social Recruitment Pitfalls You Should Avoid

Social media enables brands to engage, attract and recruit talent from all over the world. The unprecedented ease at which businesses can now communicate with their applicants, both current and prospective, is a huge advantage, but also a potential nightmare if not conducted and monitored correctly. It is now the case that people are more likely to visit a brand’s social media page than they are to visit their website. Why? Because through social media they are directly connected and can engage, often in real time, with a brand.



CIPHR SaaS HR And BYOD – A Powerful Combination

In the last few years, SaaS HR (Software as a Service) has gained popularity from businesses of all sizes and in all locations. There are many advantages to cloud HR systems, both for the client and supplier. Couple this technology with BYOD (bring your own device) and you have a powerful combination that leads to increased productivity and lowered costs.



What NOT To Do As The New Employee

Starting in a new job at a new company is a nerve racking time. Fitting in, learning the ropes and remembering everything seems overwhelming. Not making silly mistakes and giving a bad first impression is very important. Remembering not to allow yourself to fall into the following traps will stand you in good stead with your new colleagues and managers.



Not Using Employee Self Service?! 5 Reasons Why You Should

Everyone uses the internet nowadays, from browsing ‘funny’ videos of cats to online banking, it’s the norm to carry out everyday tasks online. With this in mind it’s strange that businesses are still not implementing employee self service portals. There are many advantages of such systems, for the employees, individual departments and companies as a whole.



12 Ways To Maintain A Rock Solid Personal Brand Online

Building a personal brand online is an endless task. Even after you’ve established a presence on the social networks, there are many pitfalls and mistakes that can be easily made that will damage your brand. Setting and sticking to a few key guidelines can be the difference between continued success and putting a big dent in your efforts.


11 Rules HR Can Learn From Zombieland

Guidance and best practice can come from the strangest of places, one such resource is the movie Zombieland. In the movie, the main character follows a set of his own life rules in order to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic landscape. The same rules can also be applied and used to survive in the HR world.



5 Things Super HR Departments Do

Being a super HR department isn’t easy. It requires many varied skills, personal attributes and dedication. Both the personal and business rewards that a successful HR department will bring cannot be ignored. A productive, engaged and happy workforce relies on everything that Human Resources does, whether this is appreciated or not.


8 Benefits Of Plants In The Office

Adding plants to your office is something that every employee should want to do. The benefits, both physical and psychological are evidenced in numerous scientific studies. The cost savings are also significant enough for any cost conscious business owner to sit up and take notice. Here are just a few of the benefits of going green in the office:


10 Reasons To Implement Social Recruiting

Social recruiting has been adopted by a large proportion of companies. Whether this be through the number of social networks online or through the use of employee referrals, there are a number of benefits that social recruiting offers.

Social recruiting depends on an established social media strategy and existing engagement with potential/existing employees. Your social media strategy should already include regular updates and ongoing interaction with engaged ‘followers’. Simply recruiting by sticking an advert on social networks is not true social recruiting.



What NOT To Do On LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool for networking, marketing and building your company/personal brand. It can, however, also prove to be a very reliable way to discredit yourself and/or company and annoy other users.

There are a certain number actions which you should avoid if you want your profile to remain credible and your brand optimised:



Are Your Expenses Breaking The Bank?

Employee expenses are something for which many companies still use a paper-based process. Employees are responsible for entering their mileage for business travel, as well as company expenses for subsistence, accommodation, etc. But just how honest are these claims – and is your expense process a source of unnecessary overspend?



5 Benefits Of HR Outsourcing – Is It Time?

During the life cycle of any successful business, there comes a point at which a dedicated HR resource needs to be considered. One option that many companies are now finding advantageous is HR Outsourcing, whether this be the entire HR function or specific areas of responsibility.



Not Happy At Work? 10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Day

Most of us spend a great deal of our time at work, often in an office environment. Remaining happy in your job and knowing how to cope with all of the stresses and strains of our working lives is essential to remaining physically and mentally healthy. There are many techniques and actions you can use to achieve happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.



What Motivates Your Employees?

Motivated employees are happier at work, more productive and less likely to look elsewhere for employment. Knowing what motivates your employees and how to reward them accordingly is the key to making sure you are getting the most from your workforce, and that they are getting the most from their job.

Before concentrating on employee motivation specifically, the employee must feel safe in their role, believe that they are in the right role for their skills and believe that they have a future within the organisation. Employees should all be treated equally and fairly, and line managers must be willing to motivate their staff, whichever technique is used.

Simply asking staff members how they are in the morning is a great way to start the day and encourages a happy, healthy working environment.



The Benefits Of Online Payslips

Most businesses now actively encourage their employees to be more environmentally conscious. One of the most obvious actions to take is to cut down on the amount of printing.  Having a statement which reads something along the lines of “Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary” is common place on emails. Yet we still find it acceptable to print a large number of payslips on a regular basis?

Although most of us are happy to manage our personal finances via online banking, make payments for items over the internet and use software hosted in ‘the cloud’, the switch to epayslips seems to be low on many businesses objectives. Given the various benefits of moving to epayslips, it is surprising that the paper payslip is not something of the past.



Do Your Employees Understand Your Company Message?

Most companies will undergo a re-branding or re-positioning at some point,.  In an ever changing world, where the client is becoming more and more demanding, and presented (bombarded) with an endless torrent of advertising from companies vying for their custom, businesses need to adapt and adjust to the market.  Many spend large sums on new advertising campaigns, logos and strap lines, but forget about one, extremely important and effective resource, its employees.

Any business that has client facing employees, whether this be in an outlet, over the phone or in face to face meetings, should be utilising this resource as a way to reinforce their message and promote the company brand and message.



Never Underestimate The Power Of Influence

I read a very interesting and inspiring book recently. This in itself was a milestone as the last book I finished was about 20 years ago! The book in question is ‘Return On Influence’ by Mark Schaefer, a renowned marketing consultant and blogger. I was initially interested in leveraging my influence online to further my personal brand, however, during the book I started to realise that influence is not something that should be used solely as a tool for personal gain, but more a quality that can be utilised to achieve a ‘greater good’.

I read a very interesting and inspiring book recently. This in itself was a milestone as the last book I finished was about 20 years ago! The book in question is ‘Return On Influence’ by Mark Schaefer, a renowned marketing consultant and blogger. I was initially interested in leveraging my influence online to further my personal brand, however, during the book I started to realise that influence is not something that should be used solely as a tool for personal gain, but more a quality that can be utilised to achieve a ‘greater good’.


One of the services that we offer at CIPHR is ‘HR Outsourcing‘.  This allows our clients to pass the responsibility of certain tasks, which would otherwise be completed by an HR representative, to us. This strategy offers many advantages as well as further strengthening our partnership with our clients. Moving to an outsourced service is not as much of a ‘leap’ as you might think, after all, you already outsource many elements of your personal life.



You Need SaaS HR, And Here Is Why

SaaS HR (HR Software as a Service) has been a standard offering from CIPHR for a number of years now. More and more of our clients are making the change and upgrading to ‘Cloud HR’ in order to capitalise on the benefits. Listed below are just a few of the reasons that you should be seriously considering switching to the SaaS based CIPHR+.