What Will The Workplace Be Like In 2015?


Future of Work


What will the workplace be like in 2015? Will there be a huge difference compared to today or will next year herald the introduction of a new way of working?

Back in October 2013 I made 5 predictions of what our workplaces would look like moving forward. I made 5 predictions, which were:

  • An increase in flexible and remote working
  • Hand held technology competing with more traditional equipment
  • Greener offices
  • An increased use of video and social media by brands
  • The utilisation of cloud based tech to increase

During 2014 there’s been a definite rise in each of these trends and they’ll continue to do so throughout 2015 also.

Here’s my predictions for the workplace in 2015:

Data, big and ‘not so big’

employee collaborationData isn’t just important when it’s ‘big’. Small businesses, and the departments within, will continue to embrace the information they have, regardless of whether it’s zetabytes or not.

As well as using data to produce historical reports and analytics, it can be utilised to predict patterns in behaviour, streamline internal processes and improve the bottom line.

As more tools and solutions become available to make sense of and display data in meaningful ways it will enable HR departments to strategise and be proactive in their approach.

A greater emphasis on customer service

There’s been a couple of instances this year where a brand’s customer service has been so good that I’m not only happy to use their services again, I also shared their great work on Social media.

When a company handles issues, complaints, or even just everyday enquiries with genuine care and consideration for the customer, it sends a message and says more than marketing ever can about that brand. Run of the mill routines, potential problems or lost business is turned into brand advocacy and free publicity.
As brands start to realise the benefit of treating clients as humans, we (the consumer) will benefit from the improved level of service and businesses will prosper from customer loyalty.

The brand advocate army

brand advocatesEveryone involved with a brand is a potential advocate. Employees, business partners, applicants and customers can all be a source of free marketing and PR, if treated correctly.

Providing a great service to customers, treating talent with respect and engaging employees are just some of the strategies by which brands can improve their business and reputation both internally and externally through advocacy.

Collaboration tools will boom

With an increasing number of employees working from outside of the office and at differing times, collaboration will become more important than ever. The necessity for disparate teams to work together effectively and productively will mean that they’ll require the tools to enable them to do so. Management will need to include researching these solutions in the New Year’s strategy and take this side of the business seriously.

Online apps and sites will allow colleagues to communicate and work together as if they were in the same room. The ability to work efficiently, at any time and from any location, will provide more employees with the freedom to take care of personal responsibilities, thereby potentially saving money and reducing stress.

Long shot – traditional CV’s will start to become a thing of the past

We store an increasing percentage of our personal data online. Most recruiters will now research applicants on social networks and make decisions based on what they find.

With personal branding being a large part of anyone’s online presence, will it be long before the traditional form of CV will take a back seat to the information stored in social networks and on platforms such as LinkedIn?

If all the information an employer or recruiter needs about you is already available online, why do we need a separate document? In some cases, a CV may even contradict the information stored elsewhere and jeopardise your chances…