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CIPHR Service Packs

Delivering a superior service to your organisation

CIPHR Service Packs (CSP) provide a one-stop solution for your CIPHR service requirements. Comprised of the most frequently requested services and offered at a significantly discounted price, customers can benefit from unlimited training, group online masterclass sessions, system and process reviews, and much more.

CIPHR Service Packs
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Download CIPHR PDF
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Just some of the key features:

  • Unlimited classroom training on all standard products
  • Annual review of HR systems and processes
  • Access to expert HR consultancy
  • CIPHR self service branding

  • Group online masterclasses

Personalised Online Refresher Training

Electronic Training Manual


“The thing I find most helpful about having a CIPHR Service Pack is the unlimited training for me and my colleagues. It also gives us access to consultancy time to make sure we’re getting the most out of CIPHR.”

Monthly Service Desk Reports and Extended Operational Hours


HR System and Process Review

  • Where your HR system ‘fits’ in the overall HR strategy
  • Setting and measuring KPIs
  • How well prepared the HR team is to make the best use of processes and CIPHR
  • All current HR business processes


“Our CIPHR Service Pack gave me easy access to a range of CIPHR training courses as and when I needed them.”

Technical Consultancy

  • Data structure
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Customisation and/or development

CIPHR Self Service Branding

CIPHR Outsourcing

CIPHR System Clinic

  • How to make use of the system
  • How the set up can altered to maximise effectiveness
  • Current system configuration review
  • Improved use of automation options
  • Storage of additional data in both custom data categories and further information fields
  • Document filer to store documents
  • Current reporting considerations

Toyota Financial Services

“The CIPHR Service Pack gave me outstanding consultancy support as and when I needed it, unlimited training for anyone in the organisation, and a whole range of branding and system review services. I am confident that, as we gain more experience with the system, we will get even more from the service pack.”

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