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Group Online Master Classes

Group Online Master Classes are available to clients who have one of the CIP Service Packs, and are delivered by a skilled member of the Training team being designed to reinforce our classroom based training. Delegates who have already attended training but would like a refresher or some further assistance or information on specific topics can benefit from the expert knowledge and guidance of one of our training team.

The Master Classes will be available via an online WebEx for 15/30 minutes covering a specific topic from the list below. Therefore if you are interested in any, please use the button below and complete our Online Masterclass form – your email request will be forwarded to the Service Pack Account Management team at Once we’ve received specific interest, a date for the class will be arranged and you will be notified to enable you to attend.

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Topics currently available include:

A step by step guide to setting up a custom category, including how to create/maintain a pick list, how to create a separate icon on the menu tree for that category and how to publish it to CIPHR Net. Reporting on a custom category is also covered.
Explore the various options available to users for bulk updating of salary reviews and the processes for updating grade rates and spines.
A step by step guide on how to update the holiday year, including advice on exporting the information on previous holiday years and guidance designed to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.
All the steps necessary to set up an HR User to enable them to see the records they need to be able to see. This includes relevant changes to the CIPHR Net account and how to set up the HR user role.
The ability to insert one record or make one change and then copy the same information, where appropriate, to a group of records really can reduce admin time. Find out how it can be done by attending this master class.
How to find changes made to the system in the Audit Log, advice on managing the Log and how to set additional fields to be audited.
A guide into using saved filters on reports and using the offset dates facility.
An outline of the new functionality available in the latest version of CIPHR.
How to set up the system to automatically run a report without any user interaction.
How to set up an absence report for a rolling period that can be used as an Auto Task.

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