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CIPHR Report Designer – January 11 – January 12 2022

January 11 - January 12

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This two-day course is designed to introduce users to the functionality of CIPHR Report Designer. The emphasis during the two days will be to equip the delegates with the knowledge to create new reports in order to sort, analyse and investigate data held in CIPHR HR.


It is expected that delegates will have previous knowledge of CIPHR HR and/or have attended the CIPHR system set up and further system set up courses. Users should be familiar with using the CIPHR Subset tool and have run some of the standard reports provided in the system. We would also recommend that delegates have reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel functionality, especially the following:


Delegates should complete the course able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the subset function in CIPHR
  • Identify and use the various steps involved in the production of a CIPHR report template
  • Compare the different output types that are available in the CIPHR Report Designer product
  • Demonstrate knowledge in using the various Microsoft Excel analysis tools on the CIPHR data
  • Define and use the function of embedding a chart into the report based on the selected data

Course Content

The CIPHR Report Designer course will cover:

  • The use of the subset form in order to select groups of people to be displayed on a report
  • Using the step-by-step approach to creating a new report and the implications of checking out and checking in a new and existing template report
  • Ordering, sorting and filtering the data once it has been transferred to Microsoft Excel
  • Placing data into bands and totalling and subtotalling the various bands
  • Using Microsoft Excel’s summarisation tool, pivot tables, to analyse the data from different perspectives
  • Using functions and formulae in Microsoft Excel to calculate and return values using the specified CIPHR data
  • Producing a graphical representation of the data as a component of the report
  • Adding created reports to the CIPHR Reports Group
  • Creation of new Report Groups for users to store their own reports in
  • Using the CIPHR Scheduler to create automated reports to be distributed via email

Please note that the training will be conducted on the latest version of the product. If any differences exist between this and previous versions, these will be highlighted by the trainer.

This outline represents the topics which are usually covered on this event. The actual course work may be adjusted to suit the individual needs of the delegates.

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