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Employee Experience

White paper: employee experience – moving the dial on moments that matter

Organisations are at an important turning point when it comes to employee experience.

LMS buyers guide

How to choose the right LMS: A buyer’s guide

Choosing the right learning management software (LMS) for your organisation can be a difficult task. Guide yourself through this decision-making process with our guide

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Benchmarking HR software

Your HR software benchmarking methodology should include five key steps: discover them in this free expert guide by Phase3

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HR buyers

How to choose the right HR software: an HCM buyer’s guide

Understand the different capabilities that your stakeholders will want from a new HR software, and the questions you should ask every vendor


Guide: 10 HR system selection mistakes – and how to avoid them

This independent advice from Silver Cloud HR will help you choose the right HR software

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Guide: Right to work checks and digital ID verification

Get advice on conducting remote right to work checks and discover how Ciphr’s solutions can help

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ERP solution or best-of-breed HR software

Discover the pros and cons for ERP and best-of-breed solutions, and decide which is right for you, with this free expert paper by Phase3

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Payroll services

The complete guide to payroll services: what’s best for my organisation?

Every organisation wants to make sure that its people are being paid accurately and on time. To make the payroll process run as seamlessly as possible, organisations may choose to...

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Guide: Five signs you’ve outgrown your HR system

Not sure if it's time to switch HR software? Help is at hand

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Guide: secrets for better employee onboarding

Learn how to get the crucial first few days and weeks right for your new starters

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Guide: payrolling benefits in kind – is it right for you?

We'll help you decide if switching from P11Ds to payrolled benefits in kind is right for you

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Better together

Better together: The future for HR systems integration

Discover why it’s now easier and simpler than ever to connect disparate HR systems, and the benefits for system admins and end users


What APIs could do for you: A primer for HR

Learn the principles behind APIs, why you should integrate your HR software with other business systems, and how Ciphr’s API works

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Off-payroll working: A guide to IR35 changes

How IR35 changes coming in April 2020 will affect employers and contractors, and what steps HR and payroll teams need to take

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Understanding the SMCR: A guide for HR

A guide to the SMCR’s requirements and FCA’s expectations; how the regulations will affect HR processes; and HR’s role in leading change

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GDPR – What’s changing?

Learn how Ciphr can help your organisation secure its employee and candidate data so you can more robustly comply with the GDPR

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LMS ROI template

Template: learning management system (LMS) return on investment (ROI) calculator

Calculating return on investment (ROI) on your learning management system (LMS) has never been easier. Our customisable template helps you easily compare costs and profits linked to your LMS platform

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