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Large Organisations & CIPHR

CIPHR’s comprehensive HR SaaS solution enables you to take control of your employee data from eRecruitment and onboarding to payroll integration and data analysis, with international deployment.

Our talented UK-based support teams ensures that the system is configured to your organisation’s individual needs.

“The move to a SaaS solution has been pretty much seamless and the benefits of the new environment are many. Pulling off reports is probably the biggest difference that we saw immediately.”

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How CIPHR helps large organisations

Talent attraction and eRecruitment facilities

CIPHR iRecruit and Onboarding enable organisations to take control of their entire employment process, reducing time to hire and streamlining inductions. Our easy to read reporting allows you to identify discrepancies and gaps in employment, whilst all statements and disclosures can be published to enforce candidate acceptance. Once you have employed the appropriate candidates, managers can monitor the performance of all employees with performance appraisals to highlight training requirements.

“I liked the look and feel of the product. It is user friendly and has lots of great features and functions. Now we can cope much better with the high volume of recruitment we have. It takes a matter of minutes to put a job onto our website whereas our old process would have taken a few weeks to get an ad out. It is brilliant how quick it is and this has been recognised and appreciated by our managers.”

Sophisticated data analysis and dashboards

Reduce your administrative burden whilst gaining insight into your employee data through comprehensive reporting, enabling you to drill down via departments to view information such as absence reasons, policy breaches and expense claims.

“CIPHR Decisions lets me drill down into our people data to run really interesting reports. We have found ways to save time, reduce paper requirements, lower general and administrative costs and increase team efficiency.”

Give employees instant, online access to a list of their benefits

View employer pension contributions, company car allowances, private medical insurance, bonus payments and much more through CIPHR’s Total Reward Statement.

“CIPHR Total Rewards Statement is a real value add for employees. They get to see exactly what their package is worth in real terms and the information is displayed in ways that is easily understood and digested. The CIPHR system is so customisable, so we can mould it to fit our needs very precisely.”

Monitor and expand on training and qualifications to improve internal talent

All training and role information can be stored within one system to ensure that you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the necessary training. Reminders for all types of training can be automated to ensure the necessary requirements are met. Our reports allow you to view development activity and qualifications in a straightforward format.

Improve organisational planning through workforce reporting

With predefined templates representing relevant HR views including retirement, open positions, performance, employee directory and many more, you can quickly and easily view and report on important HR data. This data is connected to Orgplus to ensure valuable information is up to date, with organisation audit information enabling you to track changes.

“The system is established and it has been well received by our users. I even get emails from them saying “I love CIPHR”. You can’t get any better than that!”

CIPHR’s robust HR software also encompasses:
  • Active Directory Integration and automated notifications
  • Embed your brand and company values into your system, through configuration of your system’s interface
  • Online timesheets, submissions, verification and processing
  • Pay benefit and total reward statements
  • Absence management