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HR case management software

Handle high volumes of complex cases 

Manage and solve high volumes of complex and sensitive employee relations cases with helpful case management technology. With Ciphr’s case management functionality, within our HR software, your people team can record, manage, and track employee relations cases securely and efficiently, helping you provide a consistent, timely level of service while reducing the risk of non-compliance

What is HR case management?

An HR case management system, also known as employee relations case management software, enables HR teams to efficiently record, manage, and track employees’ requests and inquiries, while remaining transparent with employees.

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HR case management tools

Record, manage and track HR cases

HR teams can:

  • Define workflows for each of your HR case types
  • Store correspondence records and supporting documents against individual cases
  • Specify default priorities and outcomes in line with your policies
  • Manage queries and cases within Ciphr HR
  • Create a secure, accurate record of each case’s history
  • Report on case data and analyse trends
    Comply with GDPR requirements


Resolve employee relations cases quickly

With Ciphr’s HR case management software, you can create defined workflows, automatic alerts and reminders to help HR users, line managers and employees stay on track to complete actions and resolve human resources cases, within the required timeframe. Relevant documents and correspondence can also be stored securely against individual cases, meaning you no longer waste time looking for and collating information.


Effortlessly control access to your HR case management system

Do you want to give members of your HR team more control over who can access and contribute to specific HR cases? Ciphr’s HR case management software allows you to set default case owners and contributors and create different roles for groups such as workers, managers, and HR users. As a result, everyone can clearly contribute what they need to towards a case.

You can also restrict access to sensitive cases for specific users, helping you maintain control and adhere to privacy rules.


Create an auditable trail and enhance HR compliance

Ciphr’s HR software with case management functionality provides an auditable trail of evidence through secure, accurate records of each case’s history, which can be valuable to you if your case were to reach tribunal.

You can also store correspondence records and supporting documents against individual cases. A searchable history means you can easily find the documents you need and more readily comply with subject access requests (SARs), making Ciphr the GDPR compliant HR software of choice for hundreds of customers.


Why choose Ciphr as your HR case management software provider?

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security accredited

Cyber Essential Plus accredited

Internal security forum regularly reviews our security measures

Integrated range of HR software

including: recruitment, onboarding, HR, learning and payroll – ensuring easy access to audit trails so you can demonstrate GDPR compliance and action employee requests on HR cases

Easily monitor and manage permissions, including updating expired permissions

Comply effortlessly with subject access requests (SARs)

Employee relations case management software supports strategic decisions

By analysing the data within Ciphr’s HR case management functionality, you can identify persistent issues, spot potential problems, manage grievances, and take evidence-backed disciplinary or preventative action.

You can also identify trends and changes within your organisation by linking and cross-referencing HR cases. As a result, you can make well-informed decisions to improve employee productivity, increase efficiency, and keep your workforce engaged.

“Using Ciphr is so much more convenient and efficient. You’re not relying on data from spreadsheets – you’re relying on data from one central system.”

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