About Ciphr

Here for the people who are here for the people


We simplify your HR and payroll solutions

We get behind the HR community with intelligent HR software, payroll software, LMS software, and recruitment software that help HR teams be seen and heard. Our solutions help HR teams work seamlessly while providing precious human insight to inform your people strategy. We help you amplify voice and value, throughout your organisation. Because when people are seen and heard, they’re inspired to do their best work. And when they do that, everyone wins.


We amplify HR

Nurturing talent will ultimately make a business and its people more successful. People are the biggest asset in any company and getting everyone to do their best work is crucial. We’re here to amplify the voice and value of HR through intelligent data that helps people teams support their CEO and senior managers. 

To amplify the value of people and transform the impact of HR on the UK economy – one customer at a time

Our vision


We shine a light on the hidden value of people  

The impact of HR decision-makers has never been more important and we’re on a mission to make sure those voices are heard. With the right data and the right tools, our customers can identify talent, trends and opportunities that reveal the hidden value of people. This is gold dust for HR leaders who want to have influence in the boardroom with HR software that helps them grow by informing strategy. We provide the means to automate and streamline processes so HR can focus on developing their people.


We’re HR people at heart

Many of the Ciphr team have a HR background and we really understand the dilemmas and challenges our customers face. We know what slows you down and gets in the way of doing what you do best. We put our money where our mouth is and use Ciphr ourselves to transform our own growth and cultivate a culture we’re proud of. 

We’re friendly, approachable, and here to help. Let’s talk.