Solution - HR software for media and communications firms

HR software for media and communications firms

Connect the communication dots

Give your people tools they love and they’ll be free to do their best work. Simplify processes to improve efficiency, make informed decisions and build a strong internal culture.

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HR software that helps media and communications firms shine

Watch your team go

Our intuitive, customisable and personalised software is a pleasure to use. It integrates with tools right across the organisation, it’s easy to use and you can work anywhere, anytime.


Keep it simple

Let us take care of the technical stuff with smart tools your team will love.


Anytime, anywhere

Our responsive, browser-based cloud software means your people can have all the access they need.


Get connected, stay connected

Integrated right across the business with collaboration built in.

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“It was the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. It was great for me because PBS and Ciphr communicated directly with each other. That was the biggest bonus: that there was already this established relationship, and I didn’t have to be the middle person. It lifts a huge weight off you – you can trust them to get on with it.”

Iliffe Media

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Data and metrics to drive HR decisions for media and communications firms

Let data drive decision making

Upgrade your recruitment strategies based on data insights and smart metrics. Spin up complex reports with minimal effort to make more informed decisions about people and pay.

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Spot patterns and trends with HR software

Spot potential, amplify results

Our integrated suite of HR tools gives media and communications firms a 360 -degree view of emerging patterns and trends. Spot potential, nurture talent and get the best out of your people.

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Consistent comms with a single LMS

Your time is precious

Waste less time on admin and build trust with a single LMS. It reduces inconsistency and gives everyone a smooth employee experience.

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Develop skills with seamless LMS integration

Seamless skills development

Nurture your people’s growth with an integrated LMS that gives users a seamless experience. Make sure they can learn from anywhere and enjoy the flex of being able to scale as you go.

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"It’s straightforward and simple, but it does a whole array of complex and clever things in the background. The support we have received from start to finish has been great and I’ve already recommended it to other HR professionals.”

A+E Networks

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Employee onboarding software

Ready before they start

Thoughtful employee onboarding software helps new starters at your media and communications firm understand your brand and their place in it. So they can show up, feeling clued-in and raring to go.

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