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Helping you help others

Let HR software do some of the jobs for you. Streamline and automate to improve efficiency, manage volunteers and comply with regulation.

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Safe, supportive and simplified

With Ciphr HR, care homes can easily streamline and simplify people-related processes while also improving the security and accuracy of their people data – keeping staff, residents and volunteers safe.

What HR professionals love:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better communication across your care home, at all levels, across all stages of the employee lifecycle
  • Gain a holistic perspective of people and performance through data
  • Attract, retain, and reward top talent
  • Carry out safeguarding and background checks
  • Record and report on essential employee information, such as qualifications

What employees and volunteers love:

  • Manage, maintain, and view their own information – such as holiday, personal details and online payslips – via self-service access
  • Take control of updating and maintaining personal information
  • Enjoy fast and easy online access to documents and communications
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“People can log their own self-certified sickness and HR has access to Bradford Factor score reporting, too. We can now keep a much closer eye on employees’ absence.”

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Have clear sight with safeguarding 

Store and review your safeguarding checks in one place by using Ciphr HR’s safeguarding functionality.

You can create and retrieve information about employee and volunteer checks to comply with regulatory requirements and trigger notifications when checks need to be renewed to ensure they are always up to date.

Information about all compliance checks carried out against your staff is available in a single view, and access can be provided to the CQC if required. You can view both the current status of checks, and checks’ status at a particular point in time.

Quick and easy background checks

Ciphr’s identity and background checking functionality enables you to run background checks quickly and easily directly from your Ciphr platform for both candidates and existing employees and volunteers. We work with our trusted partners, Experian and TrustID, to ensure you can carry out checks when you need them.

Record details of any kind of check, for any employee, job candidate or volunteer, including:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
  • Right-to-work checks
  • Reference checks
  • Passport checks

Against each check, you can record the validity of checks, expiry dates, relevant documents, and any other pertinent information.

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Stay on top of absences

From sickness to holidays or annual leave, you can easily manage absences for your staff with Ciphr’s absence management tools.

Staff can see who else is off in their team or wider organisation and log absences including holiday, annual leave and sickness. HR managers can view, verify and report on sickness and holiday. For employees on a flexible work pattern, Ciphr HR also allows them to select which days and hours they were absent, so managers can easily track and manage absences.

Put your people front and centre

Nurture your care team

Attract and engage employees, temporary workers and volunteers by using Ciphr’s HR and recruitment software and employee onboarding software (which are available either as standalone tools or integrated with Ciphr HR).

Use Ciphr iRecruit to publish vacancies to multiple websites, job boards, agencies, and social media channels, and to identify a talent pool of best-fit employees for your care home.

Once hired, use Ciphr Onboarding to make all staff feel like a valued member of the organisation by providing them with access to relevant policy documents, handbooks, FAQs, and multimedia presentations, and informing and educating them about your organisation’s structure, history, ethos, and culture.

Our learning management system helps you deliver and manage digital and on-the-job learning. It can host bespoke content that you’ve designed in-house, as well as off-the-shelf and bespoke content from specialist providers like Marshall E-Learning, part of the Ciphr Group, on topics ranging from compliance (such as GDPR, safeguarding, and manual handling) to soft skills and management training.

The best use of everyone’s time

Ciphr HR’s timesheets functionality allows you to keep track of time that staff are working and manage costs appropriately.

Employees can submit the time they have worked for payment purposes and log time against residents and tasks, while HR can define those employees eligible for overtime payments and even accommodate tailorable breaks.

Work patterns, absence and overtime payments and rates are automatically available in the timesheets area of Ciphr HR. This helps HR regain control over overtime spend and ensure clarity around hours worked.

Our HR software can also integrate with specialist third-party rostering solutions to ensure your care home is always adequately staffed by people with the right skills, training and qualifications to look after the needs of your residents.

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Taking care of HR teams

From managing flexible workers to ensuring that the best staff are looking after care home residents, HR teams in care homes have many responsibilities. With HR software such as Ciphr HR, organisations can automate HR processes, improve efficiency, and create a happier workplace

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“Ciphr HR is incredibly intuitive. The self-service element is an absolute godsend, and automating activities has taken a huge strain away from the team.”

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