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Attract and keep the best people with our powerful and comprehensive people-management solutions. Designed to help firms in the finance sector reach their strategic goals.

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Software that supports your people strategy

Ciphr’s cloud-based human resources (HR) software helps financial firms stay connected and work efficiently when they need to most – even when operating remotely.

Employees will love that they can:

  • Manage, maintain, and view their own information (including personal details, absence and training activity)
  • View online payslips
  • Access an employee directory to find the right people in the firm
  • View policies and procedures
  • Complete and keep track of personal development plans
  • Access the system from anywhere, at any time on their mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Understand the culture, brand, and values of the firm

HR will love that Ciphr’s HR software helps them:

  • Improve efficiency and automate processes
  • Track and manage crucial SMCR compliance records
  • Attract, retain, and reward top talent
  • Gain a holistic perspective of people and performance through powerful reporting tools and dashboards
  • Manage people performance
  • Connect HR throughout the firm with integrations to other tools
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“To comply with the Senior Managers Certification Regime (SMCR), we have to be able to assess the fitness and propriety of all our people. Ciphr helps us collate and check that information.”

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Enjoy simple SMCR solutions

Under control and in one place

With Ciphr’s HR solutions for the financial services and banking sector, you can establish and maintain robust SMCR employee records within your HR system, which helps you simplify and automate processes, mitigate risk, and record and report on compliance.

A simpler life for senior managers

Firms will love that they can:


Assign prescribed responsibilities to senior managers


Record checks and store documents against senior managers’ records


Create auditable records of which responsibilities were accepted and when


Report on who holds each senior manager function (SMF) at the click of a button


Conduct and store performance reviews


Create statements of responsibilities


Upload a responsibilities map


Record attestations

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Make getting and staying certified easy

Checked, balanced and under control

Firms will love that they can:

  • Carry out background checks by integrating Ciphr’s solutions with Experian’s background checking services
  • Create and review auditable, point-in-time reports for certification checks – what checks were carried out, when, and who certified an employee
  • Create, send, and store certificates related to certified employees
  • Set automated alerts and notifications to ensure future checks are renewed as required
  • Quickly report on all employees who hold a certification function
  • Manage regulatory references quickly and easily
  • Conduct and record performance reviews
  • Record certification checks and attestations

Put your people front and centre

Play by the rules

  • Make employees aware of relevant conduct rules, and explain what happens if the rules are breached, even before employees' first day with our onboarding portal. Employees can show that they understand and accept the conduct rules via Ciphr HR’s policy acceptance functionality and electronic signature integrations (with third-party software from trusted providers such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign)
  • You can test employees’ knowledge of the conduct rules, and ensure that they are as knowledgeable as possible, by providing training content on the rules through Ciphr LMS
  • Ciphr's in-built HR case management functionality helps firms track and report any breaches of the conduct rules

Help people feel valued

Show employees the total value of their salary and benefits package at any time by using Ciphr HR’s total reward statement.

The statement presents basic salary, employer pension contributions, company car allowance, private medical insurance, and the value of any other quantifiable benefits. It can also include other benefits that are not easily quantified in financial terms

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Get added value from reporting

Added value reporting

Ciphr HR’s reporting functionality can help financial services and banking firms make better, more timely and informed decisions. Report on all employee data held in our HR software and any linked systems and save time on manual data collation.

Ciphr’s gender pay gap reporting functionality also provides you with the reports you need to meet the UK government’s reporting requirements (mandatory for organisations with more than 250 employees).

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“The total reward statements show employees there is more to reward than the basic salary. It’s a really good tool that helps them to see the broader picture.”

Feel confident with GDPR compliant tools

Ciphr HR contains a number of tools to help you more easily comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
With the data retention dashboard, you can define the data retention periods for staff and volunteers who leave your organisation and identify records that are approaching the end of their data-retention period and then take appropriate action (deletion, anonymisation, or request consent extension).

Under the GDPR, individuals have the right to submit subject access requests (SARs) to organisations to find out what data they hold about them. With Ciphr's GDPR compliant HR software, you can choose to manually reactivate access to our offboarding module for an alumnus so they can securely view and download the personal data your organisation holds about them, in response to a SAR. Ciphr HR can also help you respond to SARs from current staff.

Ahead of the financial curve

Help keep your employees up to speed with any changes in the financial markets using Ciphr LMS – a single, self-service platform for all your learning content.

You can help staff improve their knowledge and give them the skills they need to succeed while carrying out financial work online.

Easily incorporate a variety of useful eLearning courses from Marshall E-Learning, now part of Ciphr Group, into your LMS and ensure your employees are well-versed in everything from diversity and inclusion to compliance, health and safety, and more.

HR for every sector

Suitable, sensible, sector-specific solutions

See how our HR software supports various key UK sectors

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What is the role of HR software for the financial services and banking sectors?

Time is money

HR teams within the financial services and banking sectors have to ensure that staff are all equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to deal with constant changes, and Ciphr’s human resource management software can provide a helping hand. With HR software, organisations in the financial services sector can save time on administrative tasks and improve communication and efficiency across the entire organisation.

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