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Public Sector & CIPHR

With over 30 years’ experience delivering specialist people-management HR solutions, CIPHR has enhanced HR processes for many of our customers in the public sector.

Isabel Hospice were looking to deliver meaningful HR information at board level with CIPHR.

“We were very conscious that we had lots of data in lots of places and its accuracy was questionable. In discussion with the CEO we wanted to have HR as the owner of the data, so that we could help the managers do their roles with accurate management information. That meant that accurate data in the right place had to be our starting point.” – Isabel Hospice

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How CIPHR helps our Public Sector customers

Reduce administration through Employee Self-Service

Enable employees to update their own personal details and absence to reduce HR administration and paper flow. Access to HR policies can be allocated by managers whilst employees can view the employee directory through our secure system.

“The self-service element is an absolute God send and automating these activities has taken a huge strain from my team, removing the policing element of the HR role so that we can focus on real HR issues that shape the future of the organisation as a whole.” – Care Council for Wales

Automate time consuming HR processes with notifications

Reduce time consuming administrative tasks by automating reminders and notifications, including returns to work, starter and leaver notifications, appraisal reminders and end of probation periods.

“I love CIPHR Notifications because it means that we don’t have to sit and write a whole series of emails and send them individually. We built our own return to work form in CIPHR and set up a notification so that when someone puts in a sickness absence without a return to work, a notification is issued.” – Care Council for Wales

Work with us to define a clear HR strategy

Our HR system consultants work with you to create action plans and HR objectives, targeting areas which will deliver the biggest benefit to your system and ensure that you HR administration time can be reduced.

“This is my second meeting with our consultant this year and may I say he has excellent listening skills and a profound knowledge of the system, which he shares and uses to tailor to the customer’s needs. He clearly understands working in partnership and looks at ways of making the system work to fit our processes, as opposed to what he thinks would be easier for him to recommend. His personality lends itself to making learning more about the system and products, interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable.” – United Welsh

Integration of payroll

CIPHR Paylink integrates data between HR and Payroll functions and is individually configured on installation to meet the individual needs of our customers. With the ability to handle multiple payrolls and payroll types on the same system, inconsistencies are eliminated whilst the work transferring data changes is reduced.

“I’ve used many payroll systems before and, honestly, I think CIPHR is refreshing. There aren’t many systems that you can pick up as you go along but CIPHR is extremely user friendly.” – Lebara

Track and review absence through comprehensive reports

Managers can monitor, manage and receive notifications on absence and sickness through interactive graphs. Data analysis is made easy through customisable reports which can be exported for more reliable and accurate data, allowing clear interpretation and simple deployment.

“Having everything automated means that any reports I run or information I export is now 100% accurate. That is fantastic and gives me confidence about all of the reports I produce for the partners and managers.” – Blandy & Blandy

CIPHR also supports:

  • Multiple post administration and support
  • Complex employee work patterns, contracts and staffing levels
  • Timesheet data capture for payment purposes
  • Manpower planning and analysis to reduce turnover and associated costs
  • Outsourcing of administrative HR processes
  • Robust, auditable recruitment
  • Track training and qualifications