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Professional Services & CIPHR

With access to MI reporting and the ability for users to self-serve, CIPHR provides an HR solution that gives your organisation a strategic edge with the ability to save time on administration and view meaningful data.

When Sanlam first introduced its expenses process the company was dealing with a small number of regular claims – from around 10 people each month. The scale of the activity was such that it could be managed manually and paid through the payroll system. However, as the company began to grow through various business acquisitions, the expenses base grew accordingly and there was a very real need to move away from the paper-based approach.

“We now have much greater insight into outstanding expenses at any given point in time – including those not yet approved for payment. Being able to see what is outstanding means that we are able to plan much better and we can manage our expenses with greater certainty. We now have a more accurate, streamlined process, with quick and easy access to comprehensive reports, and we have freed up time from administering the process so that we can concentrate on other business matter.”– Joanne Troup, Sanlam

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How CIPHR helps our Professional Services customers

Integration of payroll

CIPHR Paylink integrates data between HR and Payroll functions and is individually configured on installation to meet the individual needs of our customers. With the ability to handle multiple payrolls and payroll types on the same system, inconsistencies are eliminated whilst providing a simple audit trail of data changes for greater visibility.

Monitor training and requirements

All training and role information can be stored within one system to ensure that you have clear visibility and confidence that all staff have received the necessary training. Our reports allow you to view development activity and qualifications in a straightforward format. Reminders for all types of training can be automated to ensure the necessary requirements are met.

Reduce administration and save time through Employee Self-Service

Enable employees to update their own personal details and absence to reduce HR administration and paper flow. Access to HR policies can be allocated by managers whilst employees can view the employee directory through our secure system.

Accessible, automated MI reporting

Standard and customisable reports can be created and exported for more reliable and accurate data allowing clear interpretation and analysis. Use interactive graphs for data analysis on a number of areas including payroll, finance and absence.

“The solution is a great database and easy to use. We are looking forward to setting up a number of automations to make processes simpler. The system has allowed us to access staff data quickly and efficiently. The Service desk is fantastic, they are quick to respond to queries and very very helpful.”– Cenkos